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Time Magazine International Edition April 8, 2019

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MAN AND MESSAGERe “TEST OF FAITH” [March 18]: The life of the 14th Dalai Lama is a lens into decades of Chinese foreign policy and geopolitics since the Mao era. Tibet remains a significant ambition for China, especially in light of the country’s steady rise, its political and diplomatic ventures on the global stage and a new wave akin to neo-colonialism. China’s dominant engagement in the region will cement its authority, and the naming of the Dalai Lama, in turn, will be the biggest representation of its supreme power and control.Shivani Ekkanath, LE HAVRE, FRANCETHIS ARTICLE IS INSIGHTful, but I do not understand what made the Dalai Lama say that it was better for Tibetan exiles to live under Beijing’s rule than stay as “beggars” in exile. Tibetan exiles living…

for the record

‘Take my golden cage and give me the sky.’REEM, a Saudi Arabian woman known by a pseudonym for her safety, after she and her sister were granted emergency visas; they had spent months in legal limbo after fleeing what they called “slavelike” conditions in their wealthy homeland with its laws restricting women’s freedom‘Only one medium-size torso can be made ready by Friday.’NASA, announcing that the first all-female spacewalk, planned for March 29, would not take place because there were not enough space-suit tops available in the size both astronauts wear‘YOU HAVE TO DO MORE AND TALK LESS.’PETER TABICHI, science teacher, on his classroom philosophy; a Franciscan friar working at a rural Kenyan school, he won the Varkey Foundation’s $1 million 2019 Global Teacher Prize on March 24‘This is a whitewash…

cornered by brexit, may promises to go

NO WAY OUTE.U. supporters rally ’round the flag at a London protest on March 23 (REUTERS;)FROM THE VANTAGE POINT OF A NEWS HELICOPter, the hundreds of thousands of people who lined the streets of Central London on March 23 looked like a colony of ants. The thick column stretched from Hyde Park in the west past the Ritz Hotel before spilling out in front of the Houses of Parliament. Broadcast on loudspeakers and carried aloft on placards came the marchers’ demand: “Put it to the people.”What else could “it” be but Brexit? Nearly three years after the June 2016 referendum in which 52% of voters elected to leave the European Union, the country is both divided and paralyzed by the decision. And on March 27, after two defeats from lawmakers…

how is the pentagon using military funding to build a border wall?

THE PENTAGON COULD FACE LONG-TERM negative effects by defying Congress to fund construction for a wall along the Mexican border, but acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is going ahead with it anyway.On March 25, he authorized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to spend up to $1 billion for 57 miles of fencing, roads and other measures on the southwestern border. And rather than asking for the money, the Defense Department simply told Congress what it was doing. That’s an unprecedented tactic and one that has drawn fire from Democrats and Republicans alike who see it as sidestepping the legislature’s power of the purse.The decision to do things this way will likely cost the Pentagon its ability to “reprogram” money in the years ahead, which will hamper its ability to…


REJECTEDSackler family philanthropy Museums cut long-standing tiesTHE ANNOUNCEMENTS BEGAN ON MARCH 19 WITH THE U.K.’S National Portrait Gallery and then the Tate museum group. New York City’s Guggenheim Museum followed suit. Each statement expressed the same decision: to no longer accept donations worth millions of dollars from the Sackler family. On March 25, pre-empting more rejections, a Sackler Trust spokesperson announced a halt to any further donations on behalf of the family.The news was a win for activists who say Sackler money is tainted by the family’s ties to the U.S. opioid crisis, which the CDC has linked to nearly 49,000 deaths in 2017 alone. Sackler family members own Purdue Pharma, the company behind the painkiller OxyContin. A recent lawsuit representing over 500 cities, counties and tribes accuses Purdue and…

catherine o’hara isn’t an outrageous diva—she just plays one on tv

“HOW WOULD YOU BEHAVE IF YOUR WHOLE LIFE was ripped out from under you?” Catherine O’Hara wants to know. I’m supposed to be asking the questions here, at the Manhattan hotel restaurant where the comedy legend is between appointments, cobbling together a late lunch of tapas (and urging me to try the stuffed peppadews). But I’ve just thoughtlessly referred to her character on Schitt’s Creek as selfish, and she’s politely defending the woman she’s spent the past four years portraying.O’Hara has a point. Her alter ego Moira Rose is more gracious than many would be in her four-figure shoes. A sweet yet sharp Canadian family sitcom that will end its fifth season in the U.S. on Pop TV on April 9, Schitt’s Creek follows the megarich Rose clan—Moira, her husband…