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Time Magazine International Edition April 15, 2019

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BATTLE PLAN RE “THE PATH TO IMPEACHment” [March 25]: I sincerely hope that the sound judgment of Speaker Nancy Pelosi will prevail, and that the Democrats will not move to impeach President Trump. With the 2020 election right around the corner, my advice to Democrats would be to go on with the business of selecting a candidate and forming a political platform that can win and relieve the world of the incumbent. Let Trump sweat in the civil courts after his (hopefully single) term as President. This man is hardly worthy of even an impeachment process. Christer Alback, VASTERAS, SWEDEN NIXON SAW THE WRITING on the wall, but if Trump sees the penmanship he’ll say, “Fake.” What could possibly convince his supporters that facts and skullduggery cannot be dismissed by knee-jerk denials? Michael Driver,…

for the record

‘I think I’d probably say no.’BARBARA BUSH, former First Lady, when biographer Susan Page asked her in 2018—shortly before Bush’s death—whether she still considered herself a Republican‘Are we really going to help fund the murder of innocent citizens?’GEORGE CLOONEY, actor, calling for a boycott of hotels owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, in response to a new law in the Asian nation that legalizes the stoning of LGBTQ people and adulterers 34% Percentage jump in the price of Hass avocados from Michoacán, Mexico, on April 2; analysts said the spike could be linked to President Trump’s threat to close the border ‘I DON’T WANT TO HAVE A HEART THAT IS BOILING LIKE A VOLCANO.’FARID AHMED, a survivor of the March 15 New Zealand mosque attacks, on why he forgives the shooter; Ahmed spoke…

whose standards will democrats embrace?

WE ALL LEARNED BACK ON THE PLAYground that whoever makes the rules of the game stands a better chance of winning it. It’s an uncomfortable lesson, one that requires us to accept that norms are fluid, that expectations shift, that people’s actions are not only judged as right or wrong, but are also measured against the depravity or valor of their peers. Already it’s a lesson that looms large in the 2020 campaign: Will the Democrats choose someone who can play by Donald Trump’s renegade rules, or will they gamble on someone who refuses to engage on those grounds? Which brings us to Joe Biden, the would-be Democratic front runner who presents the latest challenge to Democrats trying to decide whose rules to play by. Lucy Flores was the first woman to…

why don’t u.s. laws explicitly ban discrimination against lgbt people?

POLLS SHOW THAT MOST AMERICANS oppose discrimination against LGBT people. Many believe it is already illegal. But U.S. federal laws don’t ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity the way they do regarding sex, race and religion. And the odds of Congress’s changing that in the near future are slim. While courts have found some protections for gay and transgender Americans under existing statutes, efforts to pass a law that explicitly makes it illegal to fire them from a job or turn them away from a business have faltered since the 1970s. On April 2, lawmakers in the U.S. House took up this issue yet again, debating the Equality Act of 2019, a sweeping bill that would ban discrimination in areas ranging from housing to public accommodations—a realm that…


DIED Agnès Varda Nonpareil filmmaker WHEN YOU LOOKED AT ME AND AGNÈS VARDA, YOU SAW A young guy and an old woman. But as I got to know her, I lost that sense of age. That’s because she was always in the present, always active. Until her death at 90 on March 29, she was planning what she would do next. She was in the moment, not in the nostalgia of the great life she had. That’s how she kept making it greater. I was there for only the last couple years of that life, but we had a friendship that was more than a friendship. She told me before she died that she loved the ride we had together making our film Faces Places, both the laughs and the fights. We lived…

in the land of steady habits, biographer robert caro prepares the final lbj volume

THE DESK IN ROBERT CARO’S OFFICE HAS A rounded notch, a clean little half circle that lets him snug his wooden chair into his custom-made workstation. Instead of legs, the top rests on a pair of sawhorses. Shims raise the surface to where his elbows naturally rest when Caro’s pen rolls across the white legal pads on which he writes the first drafts of his epic biographies. The height was calibrated by President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician, Janet G. Travell, M.D., a specialist in back pain whom Caro sought out after hurting himself playing basketball. Travell decided to assess his condition by watching him work. “So she sat on the floor in my office, and she said to me, ‘Do you know you sat at your desk for three hours…