Wallpaper December 2019

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CAMILLE HENROT Artist Henrot used to spend a lot of time with her great-grandmother, who invented the no-bake recipe for gâteau Manon in this month’s Artist’s Palate (page 178). ‘She was very good at cooking and playing cards and imitating different types of dog bark,’ recalls the New York-based French artist, whose biggest exhibition to date happens to have been titled ‘Days are Dogs’. Henrot’s ‘Stepping on a Serpent’ is showing at Tokyo’s Opera City Art Gallery until 15 December. AMY SERAFIN Paris editor Serafin, our new Paris editor, has been contributing to Wallpaper* since 2008. In this issue, she penned stories on Korean artist Lee Bae (page 073), who designed our limited-edition cover, and sculptor Philolaos (page 083). ‘It’s interesting that Philolaos and Lee Bae are both artists who came to France from afar,…

rich pickings

Newsstand cover Photography: Virginie Khateeb Fashion: Isabelle Kountoure Jacket, £1,615; skirt, £3,965, both by Salvatore Ferragamo. Boots, £719, by Zeus + Dione. Ear cuff, £54, by Faris. Rings, €458 for set of three, by Charlotte Chesnais. Photographed at Berlin’s James-Simon-Galerie, designed by David Chipperfield Architects, see page 158 Welcome to our December issue, which, with the festive period soon upon us, is dedicated to entertaining. First, we feature the best new houses for happy gatherings: a brutalist den in eastern Mexico, by Ludwig Godefroy; a pared-back perch overlooking a northern Italian town, by Federico Delrosso; and a party pad by William Smalley, newly installed within a 17th-century French château. We also exclusively preview Dior’s new tableware collection – which brings the art to ‘les arts de la table’ – inspired by El Badi Palace in…

killer fillers

Puffer, padded, wadded, quilted; cushioning synonyms won’t just be entering your vocabulary this winter, but filling out your wardrobe, too. There’s a whole dictionary of stuffed styles to choose from, with protective outerwear pieces imagined in glossy ripstop or gabardine nylon, neoprene and bulging leather layered up, teamed with tailoring and thick ribbed knitwear or envisaged in experimental lengths. And it’s not just luxury performancewear labels, such as CP Company, Herno and Moncler, that are getting stuffed – more sartorial brands, including Prada, Aspesi and Dunhill, are padding up, too. The sleekest silhouettes are conceived in an all-black colour palette, producing a look that’s intrepid yet elusive with a nod to ninja style. But the season’s puff pieces don’t just come in the form of coats. Dunhill is offering up…

ruling the roost

Ample communal areas for socialising, outdoor space for everyone, and private quarters for rest and contemplation are all conditions that could easily define contemporary co-housing of the highest design quality; yet it was a different type of resident that Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and his team had in mind when they used the same principles on a recent project. Built for the Casa Wabi Foundation, a non-profit art and community organisation based on Mexico’s Oaxacan Coast, this is a chicken coop like no other. Working with a grid and lattice-type walls, the architects used the design to distribute structural loads across the building, keeping the aesthetic pure and simple. This modular approach helped define different types of spaces within, including sheltered areas for the general activities of the coop and…

fine dining

Cordelia de Castellane has been busy since her appointment as creative director of Dior Maison in 2017. The Paris-based clothing designer had already been overseeing Baby Dior for six years when she took on the new role, and she has since launched tableware collections inspired by a Greek island, a star sign and an Asian plant. Her latest collection, Marrakech, was inspired by a dinner in April held at the El Badi Palace in Marrakech during Dior’s Cruise 2020 show, and was later previewed to couture clients at the temporary Villa Dior in Paris in June. Art naif patterns, painted by ceramist Anne Agbadou-Masson, cover faïence earthenware, linens and glassware, which also incorporate Dior motifs like the wind rose and its house signature. Pieces come in a range of designs,…

pod cast

MIAMI PREVIEW 2019 At this year’s Design Miami, Porky Hefer plans to give us all a science lesson. Taking his playful vision to a microscopic level, the designer will craft inhabitable sculptures in the form of molecular structures for Southern Guild gallery, using bright leathers corresponding to atomic colour codes. While known for his fantastical, animalistic creations, this new collection has seen the Cape Town-based designer create giant, spherical seating pods made up of differently hued sections, each representing a different element. For example, in his ‘Water’ pod, two white atoms of hydrogen and one red atom of oxygen have been brought together to form a cosy fur-lined nook. Coincidently, Hefer’s ode to H2O also fits in with the theme for 2019, set by Design Miami’s curatorial director Aric Chen. Named…