Interior Design 2020: Creating the Perfect English Home

Interior Design 2023: Creating the Perfect English Home

Seeking confidence with colour? Then you’ll love the in-depth chapters on colour which look at 24 of the most popular shades and hues in turn. There is detailed advice on how to use each, along with personal insights and case studies from top interior designers, including Nina Campbell, Joanna Wood, Emily Todhunter, Kit Kemp and many more, which make for fascinating and authoritative reading. Learn how to design your own room schemes too, from making mood boards to smart ways to safety check the perfect paint tones. And for even more detail we also bring you special insights from yet more designers sharing their design rules for how to use pattern, create a focal point, decorate with antiques and understand the importance of decorative details. Finally – those seeking professional assistance will find our directory of interior designers, invaluable in commissioning a respected name to help achieve for the most polished end results.