iPad Mini: The Complete Manual (A5)

iPad mini The Complete Manual 8th Edition

For many people, the iPad mini is a happy medium between smartphone and laptop devices, offering both portability and superb functionality. Whether you use it for work or pleasure, this book will guide you through all the iPad mini essentials, from mastering the secrets of iOS 10 to making brilliant videos and presentations. There truly is something for everyone with the extremely versatile iPad mini. Featuring: Introducing the iPad mini - What makes the iPad mini one of the best tablets available? It's time to find out. Set up your iPad mini - Activate your iPad mini and follow our step-by-step guide to the setup process. How to use your iPad mini - Get acquainted with the hardware essentials and basics for using your iPad mini. Applications - Take a look at each of Apple's built-in apps and discover how to make the most of your new device.