Minecraft Secrets & Cheats: 100% Unofficial

Minecraft Secrets & Cheats Volume 7

There’s no video game on the planet that’s quite like Minecraft. On the surface? It’s a fun game where you can build things, do a bit of exploring, and perhaps have the odd fight with a mob you might find on your travels. But start digging deeper, and it soon becomes clear why Minecraft is one of the very few games to ever sell more than 100,000,000 copies worldwide! You’ll find that Minecraft doesn’t hold your hand much, though, or offer a great deal of help. That’s where we come in! This guide will show you the many secrets and treasures that hide within the game, and it’s bursting with tips for Minecraft players of all levels of experience. Be it working with enchantments, finding secret items, exploring biomes or getting the edge on the many mobs in the game, we’ve more than got you covered! Just turn the page, and we’ll get cracking...