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Combat Handguns September - October 2018

Combat Handguns is America’s definitive handguns magazine.

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  never enough gun

Robert Ruark’s classic book Use Enough Gun: On Hunting Big Game digs into the author’s safari experiences in Africa and the importance of employing an appropriately sized rifle when hunting game that can easily stomp you into being worm food. Of course, the “use enough gun” sentiment absolutely applies when it comes to defending yourself against two-legged predators, too. Ruark is probably turning over in his grave as politicians are clamoring for so-called gun-control laws aimed at making us all “safer.” Imagine for a second that Ruark and Colonel Jeff Cooper are knocking around in Heaven talking about firearms, hunting and self-defense firepower when they hear things like: It has been decided that U.S. citizens can no longer carry guns with more than 10 rounds on board. Fifty-caliber guns are no…

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  plug into athlon outdoors

Not Like The Movies: You can mentally prepare for home invasions in a variety of ways, but the reality of the situation is likely far different than what you have pictured in your head. Some people will remain somewhat cool and collected, but others will panic. Personaldefenseworld.com breaks down three intense, real-life examples of why home invasions aren’t at all like those shown in movies. bit.ly/2sfIZGf Knife Throwing For Dummies: Ballistic’s resident mustache aficionado Alex Landeen is also an amateur knife-throwing enthusiast. Check out ballisticmag.com to see him tackle everything from finding the right blade to throwing techniques to building your own target. bit.ly/2kOxvGx Subgun RFI: With the U.S. Army’s recent request for information (RFI) on select-fire 9mm subguns, we’re hoping for some new innovation in this niche of the market, but…

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  combat stockpile

DOUBLESTAR ARP7 Weighing in at just 5.4 pounds unloaded with an overall length of 24.5 inches, the DoubleStar ARP7 is versatile AR-platform pistol. It’s loaded with upgrades from front to back, including the Big Timber Brake, the new DoubleStar Cloak M-LOK handguard, an ambidextrous safety selector, an Ergo grip, a Backbone Billet charging handle with a Strike Industries Tac Latch and the extremely durable billet DoubleStar Strongarm pistol brace. (star15.com) BERETTA APX CENTURION & COMPACT Beretta has expanded its striker-fired APX line with two smaller variants to complement the popular full-sized model. The mid-sized APX Centurion pistol holds either 15+1 (9mm) or 13+1 (.40 S&W) rounds in the same magazines as the full-sized APX. The APX Compact is designed for concealed carry and holds either 13+1 (9mm) or 10+1 (.40 S&W) rounds and can accept…

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arming schools

I began writing this article the morning after the county school commission where I live approved a program to arm and train volunteer faculty members. I consider that very good news. School massacres have become a major safety issue. Although the media and politicians have focused on gun bans as a panacea, professionals in threat management know the real answer is the ability to interdict such threats on the ground as soon as they erupt. In this context, arming school faculty members is a proven strategy. Let’s begin with the Israeli model. ISRAELI DEFENSES In a February 2018 post on americanthinker.com, Ted Noel wrote, “In 1974, Israel endured the Ma’alot Massacre at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Twentyfive were killed and 68 more injured. Since then, the Israelis have completely changed how they…

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  fully enhanced

AS I sat at my desk reviewing “new” guns for upcoming projects, my eyes began to glaze over. My curmudgeonly ways began to surface as I mumbled things such as, “A new color doesn’t make it a new gun,” and other pre-coffee 5 a.m. thoughts. This continued until I saw the name Caracal. It’s a name I know and enjoyed briefly. Could it be? As I read on, my day improved, because Caracal was back with some serious products, including its Enhanced F pistol. Caracal might be familiar to some of you, as it made a solid entry into the handgun market a few years ago. The short version of that story is a potential design issue led to a full recall. That made me do a double take as I…

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  locked & loaded

An acquaintance of mine is an assistant county attorney in the town where I live. After successfully prosecuting some Mexican cartel members, he started receiving threats. Then he received news from the feds that a bounty had been placed on his head. But, despite his position near the top of the law enforcement food chain, he was forbidden by his boss, the county attorney, from wearing a gun or even keeping a firearm in his office. After work each day, he’d have to walk to his car, unarmed, and drive off county property to a place where he could retrieve his pistol from a gun safe that he kept in the trunk of his car. His story illustrates that, despite being one of the county’s highest-ranking law enforcement agents, policy set…