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Combat Handguns January - February 2019

Combat Handguns is America’s definitive handguns magazine.

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combat stockpile

CROSSBREED FREEDOM CARRY CrossBreed has now created a Freedom Carry holster specifically designed for the new Taurus 856 revolver in .38 Special. The Freedom Carry is a versatile holster that can be worn in various IWB positions with a straight-draw design and a cant-adjustable clip. The rig is available in dyed-black cowhide, premium tan cowhide or natural tan horsehide. If you’d prefer an OWB rig, the SnapSlide is available for the Taurus 856. (crossbreedholsters.com) HOGUE HANDALL BEAVERTAIL GRIP SLEEVES Hogue has introduced two new HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeves to fit the compact G19, G23, G32 and G38. One is designed for Gen1, Gen2 and Gen5 Glocks while the other will work for Gen3 and Gen4 models. The HandALL is made from a durable thermoplastic elastomer compound that ages gracefully and keeps a firm, tacky feel.…

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a solid ar-gument

Though no military on the planet has ever adopted the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle for its armed services, anti-gun forces disparage it as a “weapon of war that has no place in civilian hands.” Oddly, the mayor of London says the same of any pocket knife with a blade that comes to a point. The yeoman warriors of England and the patriots of the American Revolution must be rolling in their graves. The prohibitionists use a philosophy of “the pet reflects the personality of its owner” to damn AR-15 owners as bloodthirsty monsters who care more for their guns than for the lives of children. There is no question that this same rhetoric can and very likely will be used against you in the court of law if you have successfully defended…

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concealed ccp carry m2 perfected

For the past 10 years, the ever-burgeoning world of concealed-carry and personal-protection firearms has continued to grow and dominate the world of handguns and their development. I have had the privilege of testing a wide variety of firearms to scale the performance of one design versus another and how the consumer has driven the change in features for the needs of today. With the invention of metal-injection molding, three-dimensional printing and CNC machining, manufacturers have become far more reflexive to the needs of consumers and more adaptable than ever before. As a one-time marketer, I understand the importance of making sure you build a product that works, is as advertised and delivers on the promises you describe. This is evident in the evolution of the CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) M2 from…

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fully loaded

We at Combat Handguns are proud to present our first-ever Fully Loaded Guns & Gear Giveaway. Entering to win a new gun—in this case the Walther CCP M2 shown on the cover and reviewed on page 14—and related gear is as simple as visiting personaldefenseworld.com. But what do we mean by “related gear”? Elite Survival Systems (ESS) has included several products as part of this awesome giveaway. 1 LOADOUT RANGE BAG This range bag is the perfect partner for a day at the range. Made of 1,050-denier nylon, the bag measures 17 by 10 by 11 inches and has plenty of easy-to-access storage compartments, mag and accessory pouches, MOLLE slots and more. Features include closed-cell foam padding, wraparound handles, luggage rails, a removable dump pouch that attaches to belts and MOLLE platforms,…

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bad habits & theatrics

I have been in the tactical training industry since 2005 and have seen an unnecessary evolution of tactical gimmicks. I refer to these acts of buffoonery as “range theatrics.” Some of this assclownery is in the verbiage, and some is in action. On the verbiage front, the phrase “train like you fight” has become an overused and misunderstood axiom. Does it mean that we must train in full combat gear all the time? Does it mean that we have to train until we drop? The answer is no. It has nothing to do with how much black Velcro and MultiCam you strap onto your person. The term comes from athletics of yore: “Practice like you play.” Instead of practicing on half of the court, practice on the full court, for example.…

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xd-s xcellence

The 9mm Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 is the end result of a generation of mechanical evolution. Every millimeter of the thing has been tweaked, refined and polished. The outcome is a pocket-sized defender that carries like it’s not there, shoots like a dream and packs quite a punch. I have been blessed to carry and run just about everything. With a quarter-century’s worth of gun writing under my belt, it has been my privilege to squeeze quite a few triggers, all the while pretending like it was work. It is tough to impress me with a carry gun these days. However, the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 is indeed concealed carry perfected. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS When I first got into this gig, my initial carry gun was a $50 FIE Titan in .25 ACP. It…