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first shot:

Welcome to the September/October issue of Combat Handguns, a magazine designed specifically for readers like you who want the most up-to-date information possible on the latest and greatest in fighting pistols and revolvers. Speaking of latest and greateast, Wilson Combat’s newest foray into the “micro megacapacity” market (see our cover story on page 20) is one certainly worth noting. The company’s new SFX9 exhibits the same craftsmanship and reliability we’ve come to expect from all Wilson pistols, but in a 3-inch-barreled 9mm version with a whopping 15+1 capacity! Exactly why is that expanded capacity important? For the answer, look no further than Massad Ayoob’s latest “Self Defense and the Law” column starting on page 6. Would you believe the most shots Ayoob is aware of a private citizen firing in a…

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deadly limits

Gun prohibitionists clamor for magazine capacity limits. In several states, they’ve succeeded. Will it do any good? Nah. Criminals are by definition law-breakers, and if they’re ready to risk life without parole or execution to commit murder, breaking a magazine limit law will be the least of their concerns. Prohibitionists often ask, “How could a private citizen possibly need more than 10 cartridges to defend themselves and their families?” RUNNING OUT Dying with an empty gun in hand happened with so many cops that the six-shot service revolver went into the police museum to be replaced by the semi-automatic service pistol. Yes, we all know that armed citizens aren’t the police. But never forget, they’re up against the exact same criminals as the police—the criminals whose pattern of violence led the lawmen to go…

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combat stockpile

BENCHMADE CLAYMORE Benchmade’s new 9070SBK Claymore is a slender, push-button knife packed with hidden features and inspired by one of the world’s most notorious directional mines. Incorporating a new steel to Benchmade’s portfolio of premium materials, the Claymore blade has been crafted from CPM-D2 to provide ample toughness and edge retention. Made in the USA, the Claymore has set a new bar for closed break strength, making this Benchmade’s toughest folder to date. Overall length is 8.6 inches, with the blade measuring 3.6 inches. ( TAURUS GX4 The all-new Taurus GX4 pistol is designed to deliver maximum concealment without sacrificing ergonomics, performance or capacity. In short, the model offers everything you would expect from a full-frame defensive handgun, but at a fraction of the size and weight. According to the manufacturer, the new GX4 redefines…

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what’s in your range bag?

The United States Marine Corps Shooting Team achieved its first National victory in 1911. Over the years the USMC Shooting Team has excelled within the competition arena, but the main intent and purpose goes far beyond winning. Gunnery Sergeant Matt Gundlach, the staff non-commissioned officer in charge of the USMC Shooting Team, recently expanded on that thought. “Each shooter has the opportunity to rise to the top of their peers and join the shooting team,” Gundlach said. “We then strengthen skills of marksmanship and critical thinking, making them more lethal and disciplined shooters with rifle and pistol”. Strengthening each Marine in their skillset and mindset is the heart and soul behind each competition, and always Gundlach’s core motivation when instructing. Gundlach first learned of the Marine Corps Shooting Team in 2013 while…

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new x-factor

It seems like just yesterday when Bill Wilson and the folks at Wilson Combat stunned the firearms market with the new EDC X9 pistol. A true revolution in the 1911-style, single-action pistol segment, the EDC X9 featured a host of ingenious innovations that distinguished it from the rest of the pack. From increased capacity to exceptional reliability, the EDC X9 became the new benchmark for single-action 9mm pistols. If you know anything about Bill Wilson, you know he doesn’t sit still very long. He’s up at the crack of dawn and always on the go, constantly working on some kind of project with the aim of building a better mousetrap. It’s the same with his EDC X9 series of pistols. Since its original introduction, not only has Wilson been updating the…

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next-gen 5.7

There’s no question that compact pistols, AR-style pistols and AR pistols chambered in different calibers have been surging over the last couple of years. In late 2020, with the release of the Ruger 57, there’s also been a resurgence in the 5.7x28mm cartridge. Everyone seems to be trying to figure out how to use this miniature .223 in new and exciting ways. One such example is the CMMG Mk4 PDW pistol that is now chambered for the 5.7x28 round. This thing is much more than just another pistol-caliber carbine though. 5.7×28 BACKSTORY In the early 1980s, NATO put out a call to its ammo buddies. After seeing images of heavy body armor and new helmets on enemies, the military alliance wanted a cartridge that offered a little more punch than the standard,…