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Computer Arts May 2018

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making the cover

The unique nature of our cover feature – expert insights into crafting a killer portfolio from industry experts – was difficult to execute as an instantly readable cover image. So we recruited illustrator Thomas Burden to make an image that communicated the idea of a portfolio, allowing readers to instantly recognise the theme.At first, Thomas experimented with abstract models of 2D icons and some interesting geometric shapes, but in the name of clarity we gradually honed down the essential elements of the piece for a quieter, simpler image that would let the beauty of the render shine.There was some extensive back-and-forth with the ever-patient Thomas as we jiggled with iPad pens and portfolios and debated the merit of plastic cups vs. cups with handles (steam, or no steam?). Our operations…

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editor’s letter

Authenticity. It’s at the heart of everything we do. And it’s a theme that runs through this issue from start to finish.It’s a key starting point, for example, in Emily Gosling’s article on how to use hand-lettering in branding. She notes how some huge companies have harnessed the handcrafted trend to present themselves as local and artisanal when they’re actually anything but. Yet in practice, consumers are not so easily fooled. Authenticity may not be something you can measure or even consciously identify, but when it’s absent, your work just won’t connect with people in the way you want it to. Emily’s special report is full of insider knowledge about the right way to do it.There are different ways of achieving authenticity, but increasingly we’re seeing studios build it into…

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KATIE CADWALLADERKatie is a designer at Supple Studio in Bath, and received the Rising Star Award at last year’s Design Week Awards. On page 23, she explains what she’s learned from plunging into cinematic history.www.katiecad.designMATTHEW TWEDDLEMatthew is the co-founder and creative director of Manchester branding agency Only. On page 20, he argues that redefining what success means to you is key to a better work-life balance.www.onlystudio.co.ukEMILY GOSLINGEmily is a London-based art and design journalist. She is a senior editor at AIGA’s Eye on Design and editor of Type Notes. On page 58, she explains how to craft an authentic brand using bespoke type.www.emilygosling.comDAVID BICKNELLDavid is the co-founder of Brown&co, a ‘new kind of design agency’ launched in 2017. On page 98, he describes how his passion for a 1975 Kawasaki…

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meet the team

TOM MAYACTING EDITORTom has been taking the reins of the mag following the departure of long-time editor Nick Carson. Much of his time has been spent dispensing tea, sympathy and copious amounts of Kleenex to his bereft colleagues.MARK WYNNEART EDITORHeartbroken at the the departure of his soul-brother/editor Nick, Mark trawled Shoreditch coffee shops, gently weeping into an endless supply of overpriced cappuccinos as he searched in vain for his lost bud.ROSIE HILDEROPERATIONS EDITORRosie has also been lamenting the loss of Nick, especially because he used to make her about 100 cups of tea a day. On the plus side, her Earl Grey teabag supply now seems set to last twice as long. ■…

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key contributors

GARETH JONESVIDEO PRODUCERGareth has been busy travelling across the Peak District shooting snow-themed video. He also enjoyed paying Shaun the Sheep a visit over at Aardman Animations in Bristol.NICK CARSONCONTENT STRATEGIST AND COPYWRITERAlthough he misses the office banter, Nick has been enjoying freelance life, working on some exciting projects with his favourite design agencies. He’s also still heading up CA’s Brand Impact Awards.Production notesPRINTERSTEXT AND COVER CMYK, PLUS PANTONE 871 GOLD METALLICWilliam GibbonsPRINT FINISHING PARTNERPAPERCOVERPrecision Special Gloss FSC 250gsm P3–74: Ultra Mag Plus Gloss 90gsm P75–98: GraphoInvent 70gsmTYPEFACESTrump Gothic West, Akkurat, S-L, Simplo, Kondola and Calluna ■…

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the beauty revolution

CULTURE TRENDS PEOPLE EVENTS INSPIRATIONEach month, our Trends section is curated by experienced creative consultancy FranklinTill www.franklintill.comBuying the right beauty products has traditionally required a lot of time and effort; for example, painstakingly trying out lots of different foundations to find the one that best matches your skin tone. Even then, consumers are not always happy. According to a 2016 study by Olay, for instance, 28% of women in the UK are confused about which skincare products to buy.But now that's all changing. The beauty industry is developing technology and apps that will help consumers find the right products to match their needs, quickly and effortlessly.Take HelloAVA, a beauty personalisation chatbot that's been created in collaboration with dermatologists. It asks you a series of questions to determine your skin type,…