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By now, I’m betting most of you will be well aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force across the European Union on 25th May. In the weeks leading up to the deadline, organisations were busy spamming us all with begging emails, asking us to re-consent to receiving marketing communications from them. Because as of 25th May, any company that contacts you without your explicit consent is basically breaking the law. While there are certainly benefits in sharing your information with responsible organisations, for too long the balance has tipped in the favour of companies all too willing to collect your data to sell on to third parties. Turn to page 102 for a full report into GDPR, outlining exactly what it means for you and how you…

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star letter

Better budget build? @ Your components review (Shopper 365) made for interesting reading in our house, albeit a little late for us to use. In April, my son and I had worked through a similar exercise for his first PC but we only had a budget of £370 to play with. Like you, we started with an Intel i3-8100 CPU and put it in a Gigabyte Z370P D3 motherboard. Maybe not quite as well equipped with ports as your choices, but enough to work with. We decided to get one 8GB stick of Crucial 2,400MHz DDR RAM; yes, there’s a performance hit of not using dual-channel memory, but it means when he has saved up some more he can get another stick to upgrade to 16GB without having to throw away the…

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letters@computershopper.co.uk Video star @ Great to see the latest issue of Computer Shopper arrive on subscription through my letterbox only a few days into May. You guys have clearly been busy testing everything, and Ben Pitt has excelled himself in ‘Telling a story with video’ (Multimedia Expert). It encapsulates almost everything it has taken me a while to learn with the help of a local video club. Readers who would like to follow up and put Ben’s excellent advice into practice can search online for their local video club by area, or contact the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers at www.theiac.org.uk. They might also like to check out a handy resource for free and royalty-free music at incompetech.com, a site maintained by professional composer Kevin MacLeod. Philip Fowler, Mid-Wilts Video Society Of AI toasters and bananas @ The…

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COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 367 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 12th JULY WHAT DENNIS DOES WITH YOUR DATA On 25th May, new data protection laws were introduced across the UK and EU – we cover the impact of GDPR on you and the organisations you deal with on page 102. Wondering what happens to your data when you subscribe to Computer Shopper or another Dennis Publishing magazine? Cathy Pendleton, Head of Data & GDPR at Dennis, provides her expert insight into how we process your data under GDPR. What information does Dennis collect about its subscribers and why? We collect and store information so that we can ensure our subscribers receive every issue of their magazines. This includes contact details such as name, address, telephone number and, in the case of a digital subscription, email…

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secrets and lies

I’M A BIT of a fibber. Actually, that’s a lie. I fib all the time. It’s mainly because I don’t like to hurt people, and the truth often hurts. “I know what you’re thinking” is a phrase that makes me uneasy. If people could read my thoughts and listen in on my inner conversations I would not only be a social pariah, I’d be arrested. When I was a little lad, I became fascinated with an Isaac Asimov story that had been published in a wartime edition of Astounding Science Fiction. The name of that story was Liar! and it concerned Herbie the telepathic robot. The thing is, under Asimov’s laws of robotics an artificial intelligence is not allowed to hurt humans, not even to hurt their feelings, so Herbie tells…

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safe disposal

QUITE OFTEN, TALK of security threats is about external threats, of how hackers can attack your computer remotely or how scams can be used to get you to give up personal information. Yet all too often, threats to security come from sources closer to home, and sometimes just forgetfulness. Recently, a 2010 video has again been doing the rounds on Facebook, showing the dangers of an office photocopier, which kept a record of what was being printed on an internal hard disk. Since that report, photocopiers digitally shred any information stored locally on them, but it still highlights a common problem: insecurely disposing of personal information. The truth is that we all often think that throwing something away gets rid of the problem, and the item is gone forever. Sadly, that’s not…