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Speed and convenience rule the world today. Waiting on a customer service phone line is being replaced by talking to a chat bot; the paper boy or girl was long ago put out of a job by the arrival of smartphones, which so many of us turn to as our first task of the day to catch up on the headlines; and going to the supermarket to stock up on items for a favourite dish has been switched for the online shop or meal delivery service. But all this comes at a cost. Recipe packs carry a higher price tag than buying your own ingredients, while relying on AI software to help with your query rather than waiting to speak to an actual person can mean missing out on a better…

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star letter

LAN ahoy! @ Congratulations on your great Wi-Fi article (Shopper 375). Your writers undertook an almost impossible task… and came out victorious. When I say ‘almost impossible’, I’m referring to the fact that almost anything you say in relation to a router has to be qualified by ‘depending on the make and model of the router you have, who is your ISP, if it’s raining…’ Your writers even took on the issues of the Wi-Fi side of most routers, another topic fraught with more of the same perils. A follow-up point. Apologies if this was mentioned, or deliberately skipped over as too specific (though I suspect the instance I am aware of represents something present in many anti-malware suites). There are at least two reasons to want to know what is connected to a…

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letters@computershopper.co.uk Plugging the Wi-Fi gap @ I really do not know why everyone is getting so concerned about Wi-FI (‘Get the Best from Your Router, Shopper 375). I solved this years ago when Wi-Fi would not reach my wife’s computer, probably because of the construction of the walls, even though we live in a modern house. I invested in HomePlugs. They are brilliant as they pass the internet signal throughout our house via the electricity wiring and at a higher frequency. Nobody can eavesdrop on us as it is perfectly secure. Why depend on Wi-Fi? Mike Claydon @ Once upon a time we had Sky Broadband here in the Chew Valley, Somerset. It was slow and unreliable (1.5-3Mbit/s) with Netflix and Amazon Prime; I was not happy. Then we reverted back to BT, which quoted and…

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Go with the fold? With a wave of foldable smartphones about to hit shops, we explore whether it’s worth waiting to upgrade your handset, along with a rundown of the current best devices that offer a great deal now Rocket science Forty years after NASA took delivery of its first launch-ready Space Shuttle, we investigate the software and systems that helped to make the space plane fly Use a Password Safe Bin your book of unique, ultrastrong passwords and use a Password Safe instead – it’s easier and more secure Go wild We explore how the latest advances in artificial intelligence and drone technology are helping to protect wildlife and their habitat COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 377 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 9th MAY…

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net prophets

Tech pioneer and all-round good egg letters@computershopper.co.uk I’M NOT A great fan of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, unless they involve personal events and really mean something. But some people love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries just for the sake of it, and who am I to spoil their fun. For example, on a personal level it is exactly 50 years since I programmed my first proper computer, but I don’t expect anyone else to celebrate that fact. And before you start making jokes about hot valves and punched cards, yes, it involved both of those elements. I remember walking around inside the computer, which was about the size of a tennis court. I also remember it took me five months to develop a program that generated hideous music in synchronisation with dinky little rows…

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running up that hill

Software guru and Shopper legend letters@computershopper.co.uk IT’S BEEN ONE of those weeks when I’ve had to check the date isn’t the first of April while checking the tech news, especially when reports arrived of an app for tightening or loosening the laces on trainers – and changing the colour of the lights on the trainers too (see Zygote, page 138). Seriously? I know the question ‘is there an app for that?’ is a constant among phone users, but an app to change how tight your laces are when you can’t be that far from your feet strikes me as an app too far. LACE VENTURA I was even more convinced this was app overkill when people began reporting they needed to do a hard reset of their trainers following software updates to their phone. Looking…