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Even though I’m well aware that pretty much everything I do nowadays is tracked and stored on the internet somewhere, seeing the range of information gathered and in one place is quite shocking. The wake-up call for me came while I was editing our cover feature this month on how to reclaim your online privacy (page 94). The section on shopping history explains how Google stores a record of anything you’ve ever bought online, thanks to data gathered either through its web browser or Gmail service. I promptly logged into myaccount.google.com/purchases, and was shocked at the level of detail Google is storing about me, how far back this history goes, and how wide-ranging the purchases are. Everything from smartphone app subscriptions to theatre tickets, rolls of wallpaper to children’s clothes are listed,…

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star letter

You need friends @ The letter about making passwords available to the people who would manage your affairs if suddenly incapable (or dead) struck a chord (Letters, Shopper 379). But access to all your passwords is a tricky business. So, empower two trusted friends to access your passwords, to be used when both feel it’s appropriate. Put your passwords in a text document, and save it in an encrypted form. The password on that file is what I call the master password in what follows. Give each trustee only half of your master password; carelessness with a shared part becomes less damaging. What if one of the trusted friends isn’t available when the master password is needed? The following minor tweak solves that problem: give three people a way to access all of your…

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letters@computershopper.co.uk Home help @ With impeccable timing, the August issue of Computer Shopper dropped on to my mat the day after I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a digital assistant set up. Sadly for me, I just bought the rival Google Home system. Is there any chance you could repeat your Alexa feature, but this time using Google Home? Mark Painter • We’ll definitely offer a similar usage guide for Google Home in a future issue. We picked Amazon Alexa for our first feature as it’s currently more widely deployed in the UK, but with the rapid growth in voice assistants and smart speakers, we’re sure there are many Shopper readers who would also be interested in using or have already invested in the Google version. Don’t splash the cash @ Referring to Chris…

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Speed up your PC The essential hardware and software tweaks that can make your computer run like new Data preservation Data might be a valuable commodity, but it’s remarkably easy to lose or for others to get their hands on. We show you how to preserve, recover and destroy data, and explore the technologies involved Full control If This Then That is a fantastic tool for controlling your devices. We show you how to set it up, which apps to use and how to get the best results Perfect vision We put office and gaming monitors to the test to see which provide the best view COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 381 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 12th SEPTEMBER…

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bio tapestry of lies

Tech pioneer and all-round good egg letters@computershopper.co.uk I will rely on a mixture of jetlag and beer to pinpoint my biographer’s most vulnerable moment, exploit it and try to convert the final chapter of his book into a free advert for my latest project I AM A genius. I am a visionary. I am one of the world’s greatest computer entertainment pioneers. And more, much more than this, I did it my way. Am I delusional? Am I making idle boasts? Not at all. It must all be true, because it says so right here in this proposal for a biography of my life and work in computer entertainment. And it’s not any old biography of the vanity publishing ilk. Oh no, this is a real-deal biography all about my long life and my…

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they’re all ears

Software guru and Shopper legend letters@computershopper.co.uk A NUMBER OF news items about smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, or assistants such as Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana, have got me thinking this month about just how private our homes are if we have voice-activated technology. It all started with an email that caught my eye. The subject line said, ‘Alexa, monitor my heart’. The body of the email then went on to explain that researchers have developed a contactless cardiac arrest AI system for smart speakers. Almost 500,000 Americans die each year from cardiac arrest, and if they can get CPR quickly, they stand a much better chance of surviving. However, that requires someone to be there to carry out the CPR. I don’t want a smart speaker listening out for…