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Computer Shopper June 2017

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THE GOVERNMENT’S 2017 Budget contained no major surprises for the world of technology (see p16). There was a few hundred million quid for better broadband – pretty much a staple of the annual budget, it’s just our connection speeds don’t really seem to improve across the whole of the UK; another few hundred million to try to deal with the skills shortage affecting the IT industry; and a similar amount for technology the government has decided is exciting, such as 5G and self-driving cars. Of course, any extra funding to make the UK a truly digital nation is to be welcomed. Except when those figures are put into the context of some other technology spending examples. Across the pond, Intel recently announced a $7bn investment to complete its new factory in Arizona.…

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question of the month

MEET THE TEAM Madeline Bennett “Niyama Hotel in the Maldives has an underwater nightclub out in the middle of the ocean – and it has better Wi-Fi service than many UK cities.” David Ludlow “Japanese toilets are amazing. So. Many. Buttons.” Nathan Spendelow “LG’s creepy airport robot guide in Seoul walks you to your departure gate. Seriously weird.” James Archer “English language self-service kiosks in French/German McDonald’s. Don’t judge me.” Dave Neal “Super-sized Snake on a wall in Brighton. Much fun, if slow on the response side.” Roland Moore-Colyer “Barcelona Metro: countdown timer, air-con, 4G. It makes the Tube look very dumb.” Simon Handby “My own phone: camera, map, torch, translator, sometimes ticket. Now if it could only administer diazepam for the flight.”…

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star letter

Battery farming As ever, Zygote’s insightful comments on a myriad of technology-related issues was most entertaining and informative. ‘Drowned Sorrows’ (Shopper 350) was of particular interest to me. If the cost of waterproofing our most addictive and desirable gadget, the smartphone, is really represented by just 3% of the total costs, then it certainly sounds like this is indeed an industry-wide conspiracy to exploit those of us clumsy or just unlucky enough to give our phone a soaking. But I believe the consumer is being exploited even more by the manufacturers who fail to provide at least some level of waterproofing to their devices when the cost premium is so low, and that is with regard to an almost complete move by every manufacturer to the use of non-removable batteries. It’s no secret…

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letters@computershopper.co.uk The vinyl countdown Dave Neal’s Rave (Shopper 351) about vinyl is just raving mad. The comeback of vinyl records is not the revolution he seems to think it is. People who look back lovingly on these platters from hell are wearing the rosiest of spectacles. And now they’re enjoying a resurgence from those who pick up a new album from HMV for £30. Then they trundle off home and place their freshly minted disc on their £600 turntable connected to a £1,000 amplifier feeding their £3,000 speaker array, and sit back to luxuriate in the ‘warmth’. Except they’re not. They are turning to some £30 box from Amazon to play their existing collection of easy listening covers ofeasy listening songs (love that line). Plus that one record just purchased, because it’s trendy. Those…

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Smartphone savings Don’t rush out to buy that brand new handset just yet. We’ll be comparing the very latest smartphones, from budget to premium models, and revealing how you can save cash by buying an oldie but goodie instead. Graphics greatness We investigate the upcoming advances in graphics processing technology, and how GPUs are now powering everything from 3D sculpting in virtual reality to physics engines. Sounds perfect We’ll be testing the top soundbars and wireless speakers to help you find your ideal audio companion. COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 353 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 11th MAY…

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MEL CROUCHER Tech pioneer and all-round good egg letters@computershopper.co.uk I PRODUCED MY first multimedia entertainment at the age of eight. It was a birthday gift for my mother. I called it Smellyvision. Television sets had just begun to appear in the cleaner homes down my street, but my family was still years away from owning one of those magical Bakelite boxes with their nine-inch flickering screens. So I made my own. I took a cardboard box and cut a porthole in it, and used my mum’s crank-handle mangle to scroll up the storyline that I had carefully drawn on the reverse of an off-cut of wallpaper. The soundtrack lasted just under three minutes, which determined the length of my entertainment. It was a recording of A Four Legged Friend by the singing…