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Computer Shopper September 2017

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THIS MONTH, we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to getting your PC in the best shape possible. We’ve covered everything from more basic fixes such as removing annoying programs and performing a Windows refresh, to more advanced projects for the adventurous reader, such as adding an M.2 SSD or more RAM. Our step-by-step guide will boost your PC, whether it’s years old or brand new. Buying or building a new machine is often assumed to be the only way to get optimum performance. But even for those lucky enough to have a shiny new PC on their desk, it’s worth going through these steps as there are some that will fine-tune even new models, making sure you get rid of any unwanted programs or bloatware. So for those of you looking for…

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question of the month

Madeline Bennett The built-in steps tracker on my phone – a quick way to check my daily count, but easy to ignore on lazy days David Ludlow Running away from robots that have become sentient will be the only exercise in the future Nathan Spendelow The 7 Minute Workout app – the fact I haven’t used it in over 100 days is motivation enough James Archer I bought a salad with contactless once, does that count? Dave Neal My fitness band, because I always have to search high and low for it Roland Moore-Colyer Instagram: all the pictures of smashed avocado and selfies of toned bodies guilt me into healthy eating… sometimes Simon Handby Our two baby monitors get me up and down the stairs plenty…

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star letter

Crucial cuts Just a couple of notes on your laptop upgrade guide (Shopper 353). It felt a bit like I was reading a thinly veiled advert for Crucial. While I appreciate the usability of Crucial’s software (I used it myself many moons ago), for older laptops with DDR3 I think it would have been good to point out that buying second-hand SODIMMs from eBay is likely to be a good bit cheaper. I did this to build a couple of Frankenstein machines, never had any problems and got these bits dirt cheap. You could use CPU-Z to get the speeds and type of RAM, or better yet just check the installed type on the flap on the bottom (or use Crucial’s software). Also, with regards to installing an SSD on older and underpowered…

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letters@computershopper.co.uk Boom shakalaka Reading the enthusiastic and uncritical description of the UE Wonderboom (Shopper 354), I had the idle thought I often have when confronted with portable speaker reviews: isn’t it time for an SNP index for these products? No, not the Scottish National Party – Selfish Noise Pollution. You could rate them on how effective they were at driving innocent young families from the beach or your neighbour from her peaceful sunbathing. How about a closing sentence such as: “Yeah, some weirdos may want peace and quiet, but you can soon put a stop to that with the Goliath Noise Blaster. Ruin their day the Noise Blaster way!” When will magazines such as yours realise there are millions of people in this country who resent having their lives intruded on in this thoughtless and…

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≫ Use secret Windows apps and tools Windows 10 is packed with useful tools and apps, but many are hidden or not even enabled. We guide you through the backways of Microsoft’s OS to find the best secrets. ≫ Laptop buying guide We round up the 20 latest, best-value and innovative laptops and 2-in-1s, so you can pick your perfect device for going back to school, college or work after the summer. ≫ Tech sports Tech isn’t just helping traditional sportsmen, it’s creating its own sports, too. Tune in next month for the best in robot fights, eSports, drone racing and more. COMPUTER SHOPPER ISSUE 356 ON SALE IN NEWSAGENTS FROM 10th AUGUST…

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novel idea

Tech pioneer and all-round good egg letters@computershopper.co.uk I’VE GOT A great literary agent. His name is Henry. He lives in Manhattan. He represents all the Jason Bourne titles, and they’re worth around half a billion dollars. By way of contrast, the revenues generated from the titles I have written for him are worth bugger all. When Henry took me on, he told me that my fiction reads like Charles Dickens. I took this as a huge compliment, but now I see what he meant was my style is so old-fashioned that my readership died 150 years ago. In which case I have a problem. My problem is I have a publishing agreement for a quartet of novels, and I’ve only delivered one of them. So I need a rethink before I deliver the…