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from the editor

I never understood why Microsoft ditched the PowerToys brand over a decade ago. The name was brilliant, suggesting as it did the power tools you store in your garage. Like your drill, sander and saws, these programs kept things simple, doing one task very effectively. You didn’t get bombarded by extra settings you never asked for. So I was delighted when Microsoft revived PowerToys last year. This new range doesn’t yet have the breadth of tools found in Windows 95, but there are already enough to make your everyday computing easier – as our Cover Feature reveals. I’ve used all of them since they launched, but my favourites are FancyZones and PowerRename. The former has transformed how I operate my desktop, while the latter removes the pain from one of life’s most…

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wipe downloads directly from edge (no windows required)

You can now delete downloaded files from within Edge, saving you the hassle of opening Windows to remove them. The feature is part of the new version of Edge (86), which was released in early October. To access it, either press Ctrl+J, or click the top-right menu button (three horizontal dots), then choose Downloads. Right-click a download under the ‘All files’ heading in the middle, followed by ‘Delete file’ (see screenshot 1). You’ll still see the download listed, but it will appear in a grey box, not white, and will have a line through it. To remove this listing, click the small cross at the top right of the grey box. Other new features in Edge 86 include several useful options to improve how you manage PDFs in the browser. It now supports tables…

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broadband workers honoured for vital lockdown work

Broadband engineers from Openreach and TalkTalk and have been given MBEs in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for improving vital services during lockdown. TalkTalk managers Peter Harding and Andrew Miller (pictured) were honoured for working until 10pm every night and during weekends for three months. Their work helped to ensure that Nightingale Hospitals and care homes received the broadband services they required. During lockdown their team upgraded connections at 80 care homes, 250 food distribution centres and 220 schools. Openreach engineer Scott McPartlin was honoured after he camped on the Inner Hebridean island of Coll and hiked with his equipment for three miles to keep locals connected. Workers from BT, Sky and Ericsson were also honoured. It’s thought to be the first time telecoms workers have received honours. See the full list at www.snipca.com/36323. You’ll like…

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google tv launches on new chromecast

Google has launched a TV-streaming service that’s available on anew version of its Chromecast streaming dongle (on the left in the photo). Called Google TV, it brings together many of the most popular TV and film services, including ITV Hub, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. You operate Google TV using aremote control (on the right in the photo), which comes with the Chromecast for the first time. The control has dedicated buttons for switching to YouTube TV and Netflix. The new Chromecast has most of the same tools as the Chromecast Ultra, supporting Dolby Vision audio and 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. Like previous versions, it’s an HDMI dongle that you plug into the back of your TV set, not a small box you place under it. It’s…

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don’t search for graham norton!

TV presenter Graham Norton has been named as the most dangerous celebrity to search for online because hackers try to lure people with clips of his chat show. Research from US security firm McAfee (www.snipca.com/36286) found that searching for Norton brought up the greatest number of malicious results, ahead of comedian Ricky Gervais (second) and actor Tom Hardy (third) – see box below left for full list. Most of these unsafe results linked to websites promising videos from Norton’s BBC show, on which he regularly interviews big Hollywood stars. McAfee warned that playing these videos installs malware on your computer. To compile the list it searched for celebrity names that most commonly appear alongside search terms such as ‘torrent’, ‘free mp3’, or ‘pirated download’, which people type when looking for content they can’t…

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in brief

51 AREAS TO LOSE OLD PHONE SERVICES Openreach has named the next 51 areas where it will replace old copper-based phone services with new internet-based VoIP networks. Locations including Armagh, Broadstairs, Doncaster and Wrexham will start to be moved to the new networks from October 2021 (see the full list at www.snipca.com/36270). These areas are in addition to 118 announced by Openreach in May (see www.snipca.com/36271). MICROSOFT AXES OFFICE LENS FOR WINDOWS From 31 December you’ll no longer be able to save images taken with the Windows version of Office Lens to Microsoft’s online storage services OneNote and OneDrive. The tool, which is available from the Microsoft Store (www.snipca.com/36277), will also stop converting images to Word, PowerPoint and PDFs. On its support page (www.snipca.com/36274) Microsoft recommends using Office Lens for iOS (www.snipca.com/36275) or…