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Conde Nast Traveler September 2016

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Caleb Bennett Design Director The architect behind our new redesign What were you going for with this look? With a brief to create something more elegant and refined, I wanted to interpret it in a way that’s unique to Condé Nast Traveler. White space plays a larger role in the front sections, and we’ve used an entirely new set of serif typefaces, for a more confident feel. The details were crucial, like bespoke section logos and nods to maplike elements new and old. I wanted to keep it classic yet modern. Do you have a favorite element? In all honesty, our new end slugs (the diamond map-key element at the end of stories). The explorations for that one aspect alone had me quite giddy. What would the airplane of your dreams have? I’m tall, so…

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playing hooky

Last September, when my husband and I were both in Milan for the women’s fashion shows, we did something we never do. Instead of ducking out early to go home to our kids, we tacked on an extra day and a half to drive up to Lake Como. I’d somehow forgotten that even late September—absent the humidity and crowds—can feel like an idealized version of summer. It’s the time of year when blues are at their bluest and coppery Indian summer light and attendant long shadows look exactly as they feel—which is to say, perfectly warm (but not too warm) in full sun, and a little chilly in the shade. It’s the season of ankle-length pants and sandals worn during the evening passeggiata, and the last gasp of dining alfresco. In…

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golden state of mind

Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier is an architecture nut in the best possible way. He studies floor plans of historic Southern California homes (from Mediterranean Revival to mid-century), tours those open to the public, trawls open-house listings to peek at those that aren’t, and hunts down out-ofprint books about them at L.A.’s Arcana bookstore when he’s in town. “Isn’t it incredible?” he says, pining after an iPhone photo of a white plaster mailbox. The snapshot, taken roadside, is the closest he could get to Montecito’s storied Austin Val Verde estate, which isn’t open to the public. And though he’s never set foot in the house, it’s certainly informed Bottega Veneta’s new store on Rodeo Drive, as did Maier’s ongoing obsession with Southern California’s Spanish Colonial Revival architecture dating back…

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“i used to roll my eyes when i saw a kid on my plane.”

When I travel, I like to look pulled together but maintain functionality. This coat is a favorite. It’s wrinkleresistant and makes even the most casual clothes look more refined. Underneath, I’m wearing a buttondown men’s shirt with a blazer in the same fabric wrapped around my waist, my go-to extra layer. This outfit is all Harvey Faircloth, except my Alexander Wang jeans. And I always, always, always travel in flats, like these from Frances Valentine. I don’t know how people wear heels in transit. I used to roll my eyes when I saw a kid on my plane. Now I have a son, Wells, who is a year and a half. His first trip was from New York to Dallas to visit family at three months old, and days later he…

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tory burch

As a child, Tory Burch remembers the fleet of monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage stacked in the foyer as her parents prepared to set sail for Europe. “They looked so chic,” she says. “I miss that era.” Today, when the New York City fashion designer travels, she follows family traditions—packing her clothes between layers of tissue as her dad did, and tying a red ribbon on her suitcase for luck, a habit she picked up from her grandmother. Along with recent trips to Japan and Cuba, Burch has been traveling to Deauville, France, where her fiancé, Pierre-Yves Roussel, chairman and CEO of the LVMH Fashion Group, has a home. The town on Normandy’s Côte Fleurie—known for its Belle Époque glamour and white-sand beaches—happens to have been one of her parents’ favorite…

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focal point

Arriving inNew York City Touching down inKyoto Manicure by Casey Herman for Dior Vernis at the Wall Group. Coat, dress, and shoulder bag, Max Mara, N.Y.C.; watch and band, apple.com; loafers and bag, hermes.com; trolley, us.serapian.com; ring, gucci.com; bracelets, davidyurman.com. Top, watch, duffle, and pant, gucci.com; flap bag, bulgari.com; ring, mikimotoamerica.com; jacket, burberry.com. Headphones, beatsbydre.com; sunglasses, ralphlauren.com; top, trolley, shoes, and pants, louisvuitton.com; watch, Chanel Fine Jewelry boutiques nationwide; portfolio, newyork.doverstreetmarket.com; bracelet, bulgari.com; bag, marcjacobs.com…