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May 2020

COSMOPOLITAN magazine is one of the most successful women's glossy magazines in South Africa; an indispensable read for a tribe of loyal Fun, Fearless Females.  COSMO is the magazine for woman in her freedom years, the ambitious young woman’s bible.  The dominant force in the young girl’s life, from guys to beauty, sex, careers, fashion and money matters. It encourages women to embrace all that it means to be fun and fearless. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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ed’s letter

I am writing this letter to you from my couch. It is Monday, 30th March and we are four days into the nationwide lockdown. It is an eerie, ominous feeling. It’s as if the world has been turned into a dystopian movie set, and we are all being held ransom to this strange thing called a virus pandemic. I don’t know where we’ll be in three weeks’ time, when this magazine is due to hit the newsstands. But what I do know is that amidst all the chaos and the pain, we have been forced to unite. Shelters for the homeless are erected where they ordinarily were not, aid funds for the poor are rallied by human-rights coalitions, soldiers help grannies with their trolleys outside Shoprite, frontline workers are applauded every evening…

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okay, so the way you’re reading this mag right now ~reveals~ something about you

If you fold it over... You’re the type to show up right before the two-minute Uber grace period runs out and announce yourself like you’ve been waiting for hours. PS: we see you thinking about bailing on the rest of this page. If you lay it on your lap... Teachers called you out for texting in class, but you charmed your way out of any actual detention. Now you consistently leave your 9-to-5 at 4:45 because your boss thinks you’re the cutest (because you are). If you spread it on a table... Reading this from your corner office? Hell yes, you are! A flat lay-esque strategy suggests you pay those credit-card bills on time and own work presentations like J.Lo at any given awards show. If you double-fist it up high... You often mistake genuine compliments for…

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what these other habits mean

If you start at the beginning ‘It’s like this for a reason.’ – you, at least twice a week If you start at the end You lurve being different. You might even read backwards just to *look* different. Honestly, though, it’s working. Clout. If you take out the subscription cards first You’re all about cutting to the chase – only the essentials matter. Related: you use Gmail auto-responses, like, all the time. If you keep those cards in FOMO is slowly destroying your life. What are you waiting for? Just use them, dude. › HOW WE KNOW Karen Donaldson, body-language expert and public-speaking coach.…

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fyi, there’s an archive of everything your favourite celeb has liked on twitter

A few weeks ago, as I was trolling Rihanna’s tweets instead of doing my actual job, I discovered the Likes tab, just chilling there in the navigation bar. Um, click. There for my viewing pleasure was everything RiRi had ever hearted: an absolute gold mine of Parmesan memes, videos poking fun at her beauty line, earnest odes to Barbados. And suddenly, it felt like we were...friends? I’m now incredibly close with all my famous crushes – and I finally *get* their personalities. See for yourself. @LilNasX Liked Lua 19-3 @LuadoLebron The kid behind you is a better dancer than me and you together LIL NAS X THE SUBTEXT This one proves that the yeehawloving rapper is humble when it comes to his bad dance moves – and pretty much agrees with strangers that he’s…

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is rage bait okay?

Talya Goldberg @talyagoldberg Social-media strategist and creative director In the age of ‘always online, always relevant and always aware’, rage bait has been the mainstay in online media for the past decade. Rage bait, cultural appropriation and inspiration are intertwined concepts, and they have been a constant source of debate in the media and among the ‘woke’ Twitter and Instagram masses. The old adage ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ definitely applies to media, advertising and PR. In 2020, where we are inundated with content from media companies and brands trying to get through to consumers, it is now extremely hard to cut through the clutter, beat the algorithm and get your message heard among the noise. In its own perverse way, rage bait is a form of content pushing…

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based on where your debit card is right now

THE PLACE A varsity bar YOUR ENERGY Subtle hoarder Your 2004 ~Toyota Camrí~ is still in your parents’ garage. Sure, it hasn’t run since high school, but you’d never give up your first car, first Jonas Brothers ticket stub, or first-haircut hair (JK...I hope). THE PLACE Your wallet YOUR ENERGY Beautifully basic You like Lizzo and Millennial pink and often wonder why everyone’s birth chart isn’t in their Tinder bio. So pure! THE PLACE Somewhere in your purse YOUR ENERGY Pretty-messy Although you appear to have it together, you have 50 unread texts on your phone and can’t remember the last time you washed your hair. THE PLACE Your bra YOUR ENERGY Serial-killer-obsessed Yes, that’s a personality trait. Your friends don’t even ask you to hang on Fridays because they know you’re busy watching true-crime series. What of it? THE PLACE The…