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Cottages and Bungalows April - May 2016

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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nature’s medicine

AFTER MY LAST DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT I GOT A CALL ABOUT MY ANNUAL PHYSICAL LAB RESULTS. The call alone was enough to scare me. Each year, my checkup comes and goes uneventfully (thankfully). “We’ll call you if there’s anything unusual,” they say. A call never comes. “See ya next year.” But this time, just a few days after my appointment, a call came. My heart quivered a bit. What could it be? I thought to myself as I anxiously dialed the office. The answer was vitamin D deficiency. Eh? That’s a thing worth a call from the lab? But dutifully I picked up a prescription for a few doses high enough to get me back on track, and the doctor’s orders were go outside. I felt bad that I needed a doctor to…

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rooms in bloom

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budding beauties

WORD OF ADVICE: START WITH A UNIFORMLY SHAPED CONTAINER TO MAKE FITTING THE FABRIC SLEEVE EASIER. IT’S SPRING-TIME for fresh flowers and redolent roses in the house. How about a new vase to go with them? In her new book Raw Crafts: 40 Projects for hemp, jute, burlap and cork, Denise Corcoran explores the raw materials that give a fun and personal style to craft projects. “The use of natural fibers in your DIYs, especially restyling discarded items, is an exciting way to explore your creative side,” Corcoran says. One such material is jute. “Jute comes from the stem and ribbon (outer skin) of the jute plant,” Corcoran says. “It’s affordable and easy to find in craft, dollar or hardware stores.” Deck out your house with a new upcycled vase; then explore other…

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where does your garden bloom?

THIS SPRING, BRING THE BEAUTY OF THE GARDEN indoors—without the worry of wilting. A chintz china collection lets you have an array of blossoms on the table no matter the weather or season, and the bouquet is sure to last. WHAT’S CHINTZ? Simply put, chintz is dinnerware with busy yet delicate, “all-over” floral designs—although there are some varieties with fruit patterns or birds. These vintage porcelain pieces don blooms and blossoms from rim to rim. Though often with white or soft yellow backgrounds, these charming dishes also have bold counterparts that boast black backgrounds. BACK STORY The name “chintz” actually comes from the floral fabric pattern that was imported from India and can be traced back as far as the 17th century. With chintz ceramic production at potteries holding strong from the 1920s through the…

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bring the outdoors in

LEAP FROG These vintage flower frogs can get a new lease on life in your home office. Reuse the grid style as pen and pencil holders, and the spiked versions are great for holding photos and notes. 1. PLANTING STYLE An outdoor potting rack makes a wonderful indoor display shelf or étagère. Paint the metal for a smoother finish, or leave it chippy for a rustic look. 2. WORK IT Reinvent a shabby old ladder as a place for storing indoor elements such as scarves and hats for your bedroom, or try one in the bathroom for a vintage-inspired way to store extra towels. Wash, sand, wax and seal it before use to avoid snags and splinters. 3. FROM BATH TO GARDEN This tiered birdbath doesn’t stray too far from its original use. If you plant it…

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up in the air

ATTENTION ALL NON-GREEN THUMBS: MOTHER NATURE HAS A PLANT FOR YOU. Tillandsias, commonly known as air plants, require no soil, no pot even, and very little water. In fact these spiky, fuzzy little plants with their spectacular and sometimes peculiar shapes feel more like living sculptures than anything that comes from a garden, and yet anyone who’s killed their last houseplant and sworn off gardening should think again. Author Zenaida Sengo extolls the many virtues and joys of growing and cultivating tillandsias in her new book, Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias. In it, she not only provides readers with a basic primer on the care and maintenance of these delightful plants; she also offers some creative and inspirational ideas for displaying them. Here are some of our favorite insights into…