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Cottages and Bungalows

Cottages and Bungalows August - September 2016

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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over the rainbow

I LIKE TO THINK OF MYSELF AS AN HONORARY HAWAIIAN. A little bit of spray tan would help too. Our new publisher, Terry Rollman, could laugh and call me a poser with a wink. She lived there for most of her life, and spent a good bit of it with Hawaii Home + Remodeling before joining the Engaged Media team just last year. I love talking to her about her former homeland. You see, my family has been vacationing there ever since I was a little keiki, just 7 or 8 years old. And once a year—sometimes twice if there was a graduation or special birthday to celebrate—Hawaii became our home for a couple of precious weeks. It’s a tradition that continues to this day. I love the Hawaii version of…

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the mighty mason jar

THE MASON JAR CRAZE IS GOING STRONG IN THE DÉCOR AND CRAFTING WORLD. It's a great trend—glass jars are cheap, easy to come by and can serve myriad purposes in and around your home. In her new book, Crafting with Mason Jars and Other Glass Containers, Hester Van Overbeek shares 39 ideas for how to repurpose your jars. “I like upcycling, reusing or simply using what I have lying around ” she writes. “It’s not just a budget consideration—it also makes so much more sense to use what you already have instead of buying new materials ” Look around your pantry and refrigerator for the glass jars you currently have on the shelves—anything from jam and spaghetti sauce to pickles, peach slices and organic peanut butter can yield a good glass…

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telling stories in paint

Picasso had his blue period, and Monet had his equally moody tones, giving his Impressionist artworks a distinctive ambience. It’s no secret that color—and more specifically paint—can greatly impact the mood and tone of your home. Painter Angela Moulton shares what we feel when observing the beauty in nature, beloved objects and simple, peaceful scenes. With the goal of adding more color to our world, she captures movement in her subjects with subtleties of shading, drenched hues and unfettered brushwork. Her petite Pratt Creek Art paintings feature birds, flowers in bloom, and the many farm animals and scenes around her rural home and the local, eponymous creek. A HAPPY HISTORY Painting on wood panels or canvas in oils, acrylics and watercolors, the artist is largely self-taught and has been at work with her brushes…

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the globetrotter at home

This pendant lamp with an antiqued-copper finish is sure to transport you back to the relaxing atmosphere of quaint brasserie. Waltham Pendant, $209.00. Visit birchlane.com. Keep track of where you've been and where you›re planning to go with this Small Push-Pin Travel Map, from $130. Visit wayfaren.etsy.com. Antique Persian rugs have been coveted as souvenirs for centuries, but this plush floor covering has a modern twist with feminine shades. Made to order. Maya Rug in Lilac, from $174. Visit caitlinwilson.com. A collage of vintage and antique maps printed on this pillow will keep you comfy and your sofa stylish. Map throw pillow, $22. Visit mapology.etsy.com. Keep the spirit of Aloha close bywith this reproduction vintage travel poster. Hawaii Hula Dancer, from $15. Visit vintagraph.com. Inspired by vintage French postcards and the traveling trunks of yore,…

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color your garden

If your garden is giving you the blues, it might be time for a color correction. Whether you prefer a restful retreat or a party paradise, you can use the right hues to transform a lackluster landscape into a pleasing palette. You don’t need to be an expert to make your garden an expression of your personality—with a little know-how and a lot of imagination, you can create the garden of your dreams and make your neighbors green with envy. FIT FLOWERS Before you rush out to purchase plants in all of your favorite colors, there’s one ground rule you need to heed before anything else: Know the particulars of your existing garden. “The biggest mistake people make when planning gardens is not realizing that their property is unique” says New York-based landscape designer…

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ship shape

SHELLS, STARFISH AND ANCHORS are often the first motifs used to create a coastal ambience. For a nautical twist, turn to ships in every shape and size—from miniature bottle creations to model re-creations. Essential Oils Oil paintings are a décor staple, as they carry one-of-a-kind charm thanks to their stunning hues and intricate details. This dainty painting depicting a ship on rough waters (above) is the perfect addition to a coastal-inspired room. As a flea-market score, this painting carries with it the charm of an unknown artist and past; its portrayal of a large, powerful vessel in such a small scale is visually captivating. Incorporating an oil painting into a vignette is as simple as giving it a great frame or easel and balancing the scale with items such as books. Here shells and…