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Cottages and Bungalows August - September 2017

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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radio days

SUMMER BRINGS WITH IT LOTS OF DISTINCTIVE MEMORIES FROM MY YOUTH. Sunburned shoulders, the ever-present smell of barbecue smoke, the sound of pool water lapping up against hot tile and the crackling static of the radio on full blast outside, playing classic rock or Motown, sometimes reggae. Even these days I’m likely to opt for a radio tethered to the patio wall in lieu of a fancy bluetooth speaker. There’s something about the nostalgia of that imperfect sound that makes the sun feel a little warmer and the music feel just that much more right. That’s why this year’s annual coastal issue focuses on the sensory experiences of summer. We all have them—and they may be different for each of us—family campouts, vacations on the beach, the spirit of travel and adventure.…

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catch of the day

It may have been more a spirit of science than virtuosity that drove artists to render illustrations of fish species during the mid-1800s and early 1900s, but that doesn’t mean these pages aren’t wonderful works of art today. Biologically accurate and colorfully illustrated, they make elegant framed artworks to collect. You’ll find them in antique study and research books, though today curators often prepare them as single works with prices ranging from $45 to $100 (commonly)—even upwards of $1,000 for the rarest samples. The art form’s earliest illustrators include Marcus Bloch (1723–99), a German physician from Berlin and, according to the website The Philadelphia Printshop Ltd., one of the earliest students of fish to publish a series of fish prints. Sherman Denton was an American illustrator who began documenting fish during the…

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preserving the past

Their aim was to update and restore functionality while ensuring the changes blended in perfectly with the original design. It can take months, or even years, for a new house to feel like home to its occupants. But that was not the case for interior designer Melissa Bolinger and her husband, Jon. “We fell in love with our home before we walked in the front door,” she says. “This was home from the first time I saw a tiny black-and-white picture of it on a realtor’s website.” And to hear Melissa describe it, it’s easy to understand why. The Cape-Cod-style house with wood shingles, located in a historic beachside community in Laguna Beach, had seven rooms and two bathrooms. But more importantly for Melissa and Jon, it had character. “It was built in…

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earthy energy

For home décor that is nature-inspired and ecofriendly, why not choose artwork by an artist who celebrates the Earth and uses all natural materials? Inga Leibuka has made it a bit of her specialty. With her Etsy shop—the tagline is “unique, colorful, ecofriendly art and beach treasures—she sells her artwork all over the world. “Nature has always been one of my biggest sources of inspiration, so I try to celebrate the beauty of the Earth in my work,” says Inga. “Besides often using natural materials in my art, I also focus on images of flowers and birds. I adore being outside, and I think my creations reflect that love.” Inga loves using natural materials like sea glass, beach stones and reclaimed wood in her artwork because not only are these objects full…

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campaign chairs

Since the time of colonial America, campaign chairs have been adored for their compact size and simple design. British families used them as they traveled far distances and made a home in the New World. These pieces needed to pair rich designs with utilitarian purposes, which brought about an infinite variety of innovation that is still present today. Modern-day campaign chairs are light and easily taken apart, relying on a handful of materials. Some seats are created with only a few pieces of wood and a single piece of leather, while others use canvas or even twine. While these chairs aren’t complex, their variety is endless.…

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be bold

Deep navy walls, vibrant pink patterns and bold shapes? There’s a lot about this small bedroom makeover that defies the so-called rules of design. But when Jodi Davison set out to redecorate her daughter’s room, the prevailing spirit was go big or go home. Here’s what works and why. COLOR As these sapphire-toned walls suggest, take the plunge and paint that bold color you have always wanted! When paired with lighter colors like pink and white, the deep blue doesn’t drown the room with its dark tone. Rather it makes the space feel like a jewel box. Finding the right balance is the key to making those bold choices. Jodi created a lovely contrast with the bright white patterns of the headboard and lighting. Use a bold-patterned fabric like Jodi did with…