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Cottages and Bungalows June/July 2018

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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i’m dreaming of a white kitchen

WHITE SUBWAY TILE, WHITE SHIPLAP, WHITE CARRARA MARBLE AND WHITEWASHED SHAKER STOOLS. Call me predictable, or just call me a cottage-style purist through and through. But I love me a beautiful white kitchen. There’s just an indisputable timelessness to an all-white cook space. It’s not that I don’t embrace style trends or dare to take a chance with something fun and fresh. My kitchen hardware has been brushed chrome, brass and, most recently, cement. My light fixtures at the moment are glass and matte gold, and my dishes and rugs? Well, they are a revolving cast of supporting yet sometimes spotlight-stealing stars: colorful Turkish numbers or bold mudcloth options. Delicate antique china and hand-thrown bowls have graced my open shelves, as have speckled enamel camping mugs, or hand-painted ceramics in a…

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storytelling with strangers

From the masterworks hung in gilded frames in the grand halls of European palaces to the intimate vignettes of our ancestors’ faces arranged on modest mantel tops, decorating with portraits has long been a way to honor our favorite people. These works usually depict family members and close friends or influential national figures and other well-known celebrities. Every once in a while, however, the painted portrait of a complete stranger is completely captivating. ENIGMATIC PERSONALITIES There’s a sense of mystery to be savored in vintage portraits of unknown people. When faced with the painting of a stranger, we see a piece of history represented before us–with old-fashioned hairstyles and outmoded clothing–in a way that emphasizes the differences between life then and the way things are now. However, these distinctions don’t seem to matter…

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price points

Where you purchase your vintage portraits will have an impact on how much each piece will cost—garage sales on one end and art galleries on the other—but there are other factors in the work of art itself that influence its price. • Condition: Flaking paint, rips or punctures to the canvas and markings will all lower the value of any artwork. The visible signs of age can add to a painting’s charm, but if complete perfection is your goal, factor the cost of restoration into your budget. • Artistic Quality: As often as we think “my five-year-old could have done that” when we look at works in a museum, the mistakes made in amateurish art and absent from the work of more refined talent can be unsettling. Or, conversely, appealing! Expect to…

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a place for everything

The best part about this charming cottage kitchen by interior designer Rita Konig and architect Gil Schafer is that it highlights cozy cottage architecture in a classic way while offering the keen organization of a modern kitchen. How did these experts balance the look? By using a smart mix of open storage and elegant built-ins. With cabinets full of monochromatic tableware and shelves adorned with colorful collections, Konig imbues the all-white room with inimitable cottage character without the typical clutter. Here are the ideas you can steal from this look. START WITH AN ALL-WHITE FOUNDATION Clean bright surfaces are a great way to combat clutter and visually simplify your kitchen and all its elements. Konig chose honed marble for the perimeter counters for classic elegance, while the hand-hewn wood countertop of the…

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red, teal & silver

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a room with a view

House fires can be devastating. After a historic vacation home on Bainbridge Island, Washington, burned down, the family decided to rebuild on the same site. “There was a lot of identification with the old house,” says architect Steve Hoedemaker of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. “We tried to capture the things that had emotionally resonated with the old building, and then carry them into the new building.” NEW APPROACH One of the most striking aspects of the property is the view. “The house has incredible views in every direction; you can see Seattle, Mount Rainier and, of course, the ocean,” Steve says. In order to make the most of the landscape, he decided to center his design around one goal: getting as much natural light into the house as possible. To achieve this goal, Steve designed the…