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Country Extra January 2016

See more of America's countryside with every issue of Country EXTRA!  Country EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Country.  Celebrate the people, places and stories that make country life so special. Discover America through first-hand reader visits with country folks, full-color photos, reviews of country inns, country-fresh recipes and time-saving tips and shortcuts.

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from the editor

My son, who was a few months shy of his third birthday, had just ripped a hole in my sheer curtains so he could get a better view of the front yard. I could tell that he wanted to go outside—badly. Before he could take out another panel, I decided we’d brave the cold. Dressed in layers for warmth, we made snowballs that disintegrated in midair (I grew up in the desert, so I’m still working on my snowball-making technique). Then I gave him a plastic toy shovel and watched him dig out a hole in a snow bank (he refused to give me a turn). I’m not sure what he was trying to build, but he loved every minute of it. It’s tempting to keep kids inside when the temperatures dip.…

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meet our contributors

Robin Sizemore is a teacher who lives in rural Indiana with her husband, daughter, son and two dogs. She’s passionate about helping children. She has read A Wrinkle in Time every fall since fourth grade. She still makes bully-proof snowmen, which you can read about on page 66. Lindsey Brackett writes about her country life from the sticky kitchen table of her home in Georgia, where she’s raising four kids to love the woods, the mountains, and her mama’s biscuits. Read about one of her special sledding memories on page 52. Socialize with us!…

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dear country …

THE COVER OF THE NOVEMBER ISSUE brought an enjoyable memory to mind. About 76 years ago, when my best friend, Gene Emerson, and I were 14 or 15 years old, his family lived on a farm. I would walk the 4 miles out of town to join him on weekends. His father had an old four-wheel buggy frame just like the one in your cover photo, except the side poles, which were fastened to the horse, had been removed. My aging brain can’t come up with the proper name for them. One day we decided it would be fun to tow this thing up to the top of a hill on his farm, sit on the plank connecting the two sets of wheels and ride down. It was no small job.…

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lititz, pennsylvania

Early one February morning, we awoke to a startling surprise. Almost a foot of snow blanketed our area. Turning on the news, we realized that Lititz, Pennsylvania, was actually the only area to get that much snow. Neighboring towns received just a dusting, maybe 2 inches. The kids celebrated; no school, of course! You can’t let a good snowfall go to waste, so we took a drive to see the wonder of it all and then came home to play. My son Cameron made a snowman. It wasn’t the best packing snow, but he made it work. I also took photos of the views from our front and backyards, and of the pretty farm located just down the road. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty. Lititz, a small…

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special events happening in lititz

Feb. 12-15 Fire and Ice Festival Warm up with live ice-sculpture carving, a chili cook-off, winter wonderland carnival, dodgeball tournament, live entertainment and more. May through October Farmers Market Every Saturday, visit the open-air market on Water Street to purchase locally grown vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers as well as homemade jellies and baked goods. Second Fridays Lovin’ Lititz Every Second The second Friday of every month, Lititz’s locally owned shops and restaurants stay open late, and musicians and entertainers perform throughout the downtown area. For more information about events in Lititiz, visit lititzpa.com.…

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snow angels

Ice and snow pelted the window of the office where I was working. As the wind howled, I wondered how I would get home. The 12-mile route took me up and down steep hills and around treacherous turns. I whispered a prayer for safety. My old green Blazer was doing well over the ice-crusted roadway, dodging the snowdrifts. But as I ascended one of the steepest and scariest hills, I noticed the tires were slipping, and my trusty SUV was having difficulty climbing the grade. I decided it was time to switch to four-wheel drive. I pulled the lever back, just like my husband had taught me. Slowly the tires gripped the road, and the top of the hill came within sight. But at the crest, the vehicle just stopped. I pushed and…