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Country Extra July 2018

See more of America's countryside with every issue of Country EXTRA!  Country EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Country.  Celebrate the people, places and stories that make country life so special. Discover America through first-hand reader visits with country folks, full-color photos, reviews of country inns, country-fresh recipes and time-saving tips and shortcuts.

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summer to-do list

WITH A MARKER IN HAND, my son sketched out all the things he wanted to do this summer. I found at least four drawings while cleaning his room (I threw out a lot of “artwork” so I’m sure there was more that I missed). He wants to take a trip to the big city (Chicago) to see the beluga whales at the aquarium, go fishing with his grandparents, have a picnic with my husband and me (for some reason his little sister was not in the picture) and take a road trip. This issue reminds me of my son’s drawings—full of ideas for summer fun. There’s eating watermelon on a hot day (page 11), exploring Chimney Rock (page 12), picking wild raspberries (page 18), cooking for a picnic (page 24) and fishing…

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everyone has a story... what’s yours?

AMERICAN PRIDE From American flags to fireworks and Fourth of July parades, capture the spirit of America in your best patriotic photos. Share them with us and include details about when and where you took the photo and why you are proud to call this big, beautiful country your home. ROAD TRIP As you hit the road on vacation this summer, snap some photos and take notes! Country readers want to know why your destination is a spot they should put on their list to visit, too. Please include a few nearby attractions and the best places to eat and stay in the area. LIFE IN FOCUS Our talented readers take adorable photos of country life. If you’re a shutterbug, share your images with us. And please tell us a little about what’s going on…

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a call from the wild

The sun sank below the horizon, and a cool breeze shifted down from the woods. Soft tinges of color rippled across the water. Our family of nine was on vacation at our cabin in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. We were kicking back on the deck overlooking our swampy little lake. Mosquitoes filled the balmy darkness, while the cabin windows gleamed with a cheery light. One by one the others went indoors. But for two of my siblings and me, the pull of the natural world was greater. We recognized the call of Canada geese and listened as their haunting cries announced their arrival. A large flock was silhouetted against the sky. Only the strong rise and fall of their wings was visible as they passed the yellow face of the moon. There was a…

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the greatest water fight ever

We stepped onto the porch laughing, shaking water off our heads. Drops flew everywhere. My three brothers and I were soaked—wet boots, wet socks, wet hair, wet jeans. Oh, those drenched jeans were so hard to get out of and even harder to walk in. We put our wet clothes in the concrete tub, dried off and changed. We had been outside moving sprinkler pipe and it was hot and dusty. My oldest brother, Court, started it as soon as the water began to flow. He ran up to one of the sprinkler heads and aimed it at one of us. Then we all picked a sprinkler head. Next thing I knew, a strong burst of water hit me in the face and it hurt. Undaunted, I aimed better and ducked and…

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backward bloom

My dahlias were taking off. They all had creamy white petals that seemed to saturate themselves in the morning sunlight. Instead of planting them separately, I had grouped several together, and they seemed to bend toward each other, their heads bowing and swaying in the wind like young girls dancing. One bloom stood out from the others. Instead of blending in, this bloom faced backward. I took a few pictures of the dahlias and then went inside. Later, as I was showing the pictures to my teen daughter, I was surprised at how she took to the backward bloom. Its uniqueness was way cooler to her than the “perfect” ones. Her young eyes saw something mine had overlooked. How regulated I have become, I thought. I thank God for the young ones among…

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the last in line

Making homemade ice cream on the back porch was one of the joys of summer on our farm in Kentucky. This was a treat usually reserved for special occasions or family get-togethers. That sweet, creamy goodness tasted like heaven! Flavor choices were endless, depending on what fruit was ripe for the picking that particular morning. Fresh strawberries or peaches were our favorites. With five siblings, there was always a mad dash and a lot of antics as each of us tried to be the last in line to turn the hand-cranked machine and finish the batch. Usually the last one to crank got the first taste of the goodness as the paddle was removed for the hardening to begin. Most of the time it was passed from one sibling to the next,…