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October/November 2020

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october outdoors

AUTUMN NIGHTS are my favorite. The air is cooler, sunsets are earlier and mosquitoes simply disappear. It’s the perfect time to sit around a campfire, gaze at the stars and laugh all evening long with the people I love most. The coziness of those evenings inspired Felicia Schneiderhan’s story about fall campouts, which you’ll find starting on page 26. She and her family frequently pitch their tent in Wisconsin’s Pattison State Park, where they have made mounds of memories and have discovered the sensory delights of that season. Pattison is one of several hidden gems that shine in fall revealed in this issue. On page 16, reader David Paukert shares photos from his first trip to Maine, which he found to be quite a contrast to his native North Dakota. And, on…

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dear country…

Thank you, Pat and Chuck Blackley, for writing about the Allegheny Highlands in the June/July issue (“Appalachian Forest,” page 44). A few years ago my husband and I toured the area. I was grateful to relive my memories through the tale told by the Blackleys. DEANNA KAY Columbia, Maryland PICTURES of the gorgeous gardens landscaped by hand were amazing, but it was the article “Wall of Love” (June/July, page 58) that touched my soul. It brought tears to my eyes reading how Susie Graf’s husband built her new stone wall after saying “never!” before her cancer diagnosis. I hope she realizes how blessed she is to have a love like that. Truly therapy for the soul! CHRISTINE EVANS Rome, Georgia I VERY MUCH ENJOYED Caroline Bulcher’s article “All in a Day’s Work” in your…

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the good life

Water Colors Tennessee in autumn is one of the most beautiful places I have ever photographed. When my wife, Hilary, and I visited our daughter Shona in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, she took us to some gorgeous places. We went to the Stones River, which is about 10 minutes from her home, and we strolled along the walkway beside the river. I was moved by the majesty of the rushing water and the reflection of the autumn trees within the waterfalls. Along with the stunning scenery, I saw people kayaking, canoeing, fishing and playing in the water. The river is a playground for so many who live in the area. My wife and I soaked up every moment we spent in this amazing place.…

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perfect pumpkins

I LOVE FALL. I crave the excitement of a bountiful harvest, the smell of roasting chiles, the vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves on the trees, the chill in the mornings, the cozy sweaters and the beautiful hot air balloons in our blue sky. Fall provides us with memories and traditions to cherish. Every year my family drives about 53 miles to McCall Land and Cattle Co. in Moriarty, New Mexico, on a mission to find the perfect pumpkins. The ranch turns into a huge pumpkin patch during the months of September and October. As we drive out to the country, you can feel the giddy anticipation coming from 13-year-old Anneliese, 5-year-old Andrew, Lori (the kids’ mom), Grandma (that’s me) and even Papa, who is 80. It’s a great way to…

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nature’s photo op

MY HUSBAND, CRAIG, AND I recently visited Sequoia National Park in California. I fell in love with the big trees and had to stop myself from photographing every one. We packed a picnic lunch and ate in a different spot each day. On the day this photo was taken, we had our lunch on a stump with a view of the beautiful trees all around us. I snapped a couple of photos, excited to see a young mule buck walk through the forest and stop to eat. Getting a photo of him in front of a sequoia made my day!…