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December/January 2020

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sing a song

When I was a kid, my friends would occasionally plan a caroling party. We were members of youth choirs, and the holiday season brought an opportunity to share the joy of song with neighbors and those in need of a little cheer. We’d usually gather for a bite to eat before or after, but we were never quite as organized as you will be if you use the ideas starting on page 16. With crafty favors and the perfect sip and snack for your guests, you’ll be ready for a magical night of spreading melodic goodwill. If you’re not a songbird, we’ve got other festive ideas for you in this issue. Circle of Friends member Holly Ambro shares her decorating tips on page 12. (You can get to know Holly better in…

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holly ambro washington state

Tell us about yourself. I am about small-town living and decorating our family’s home with pieces that tell our story. We think of our self-built farmhouse as a canvas, so when people walk in, they know we live here! What are your hobbies? My YouTube channel is a creative outlet that allows me to share DIY and decorating projects. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from a DIY project? In building our home, I learned that the imperfections end up being the source of the greatest stories. The day we moved in we also brought our second baby home from the hospital—and it was my husband’s birthday. My toddler took a Sharpie to the wall. Instead of getting mad, I thanked her for the beautiful art. I will never, ever paint over that. Every time…

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let’s chat

Buzz for Bees I was thrilled to receive the August/ September “Bee Issue.” My husband is a beekeeper and a pollinator advocate so we love all things bee. I enjoyed the articles, recipes and the idea for beeswax wraps. I was also inspired by the honeycomb wreath and modified it by using one of our empty honey frames. It’s a perfect addition to our honeybee decor, especially now as we’re “busy as bees” selling our honey harvest. Thanks for such a delightful magazine. I eagerly anticipate each issue. JILL VAUGHT LEWISBURG, KENTUCKY New Life for Old Jeans I saw the ideas for upcycling old denim in the August/September magazine, and it gave me an idea. I had saved several pieces of old jeans, and I thought someday I would do something with them. I…

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q: what is your favorite holiday ornament?

1 I remember looking at my grandparents’ Christmas tree, admiring the ornaments. A little angel always stood out to me. She was so beautiful. I was lucky to get that little angel after my grandparents passed away. My most prized ornament, she has seen so many Christmases—every one in my life, and I am 63. CONNIE GARRISON LA PORTE, INDIANA 2 Since my first little boy was born seven years ago, we have collected holiday ornaments from wherever we went. Now we have two boys who never let us forget at every gift store we come to—which turns out to be a lot because who doesn’t love a good vacation souvenir? I quickly realized we were going to need a separate tree, so we started our travel tree tradition. It’s so fun…

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join in!

Pretty Paper Two-dimensional printed paper dolls may be the simplest of toys, but with their interchangeable paper outfits, these old-fashioned playthings had both charm and a fun sense of fashion. Do you have a memory of playing with paper dolls as a child? If so, share it with us. Sparkle and Shine As the singing snowman in the 1964 Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Burl Ives crooned, “Silver and gold mean so much more when I see silver and gold decorations on ev’ry Christmas tree.” He had the sentiment right and also captured a decorating trend. Do you have silver and gold decorations you bring out this time of year? If so, tell us about them. Send photos, too! Looking Ahead How does your family celebrate spring? A picnic in the greening fields? A…

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country woman

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