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July 2020

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C&I Marketplace Looking for fashion and home décor inspiration? Join the C&I Facebook Marketplace for endless ideas from the Western vendors you know and love by clicking the Groups tab on our Facebook page. Presidential Living Continue the exploration of America’s presidents by touring the former homes of Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and more. Search “President Ranch” on cowboysindians.com. More New Mexico Invite the flavors of Santa Fe into your home with recipes from local restaurants and many more delectable dishes and cocktails — just check our Food & Drink tab. From The Archives Want more Wes Studi (page 72) or Sam Shepard (page 116)? Sift through our collection of back issues, featuring covers of Studi, Shepard, and even a few presidents, in the C&I Shop online. Stay Up To Date Hover over the red button in the…

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Jesse Hughey, senior editor My most memorable trip to New Mexico was hiking Philmont Scout Ranch as a 14-year-old Boy Scout. It was one of the toughest, most rewarding, and most thrilling things I’ve ever done. Eight to 10 miles a day carrying tents, food, and gear followed by activities like riflery and blacksmithing at every stop is exhausting, especially if the previous night’s campfire ghost stories kept you from getting a full night’s sleep. Highly recommended for anyone who has the opportunity to go as a scout or adult guide. Dana Joseph, editorial director Taos is enthralling — take the High Road in the fall. Grab the obligatory drink at Doc Martin’s and you’ll start to sense the freeing inspiration and perspective of the historical and natural world around you: Native American…

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strength beyond belief

IN THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS WE’VE been tested — by fear, by uncertainty, and by loss. We’ve seen true heroism on display at checkout counters, senior care centers, hospitals, food banks, and beyond. Many have spent a lot more time at home, whether going it alone or negotiating space with loved ones. We’ve taken stock of ourselves and our work and our bank accounts and our families … before and during. And we’ve wondered what would come after. Here at C&I, we’ve seen our Dallas-based staff scatter from the office to our homes to produce an entire issue of the magazine remotely — the very one you’re looking at now. Its preparation just so happened to involve a big-picture examination of past American presidents and historic decisions that affected generations. We always joke…

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Featured Artist Finds a Fan The photos chosen for display in your 2020 Wild America Photo Contest are each spectacular in their own way. However, Kellie Carter’s photo of the old grain elevator in the “rural & urban” category is magnificent. It reminds me of my early childhood in central Kansas. The co-op built a new concrete structure nearby and the old one, like the one pictured, faded into my past. — Jim Keas, New Braunfels, Texas Thanks for the Cheer-up I just received my first issue. This is the best magazine I have ever read. My husband and I live in Albany, New York, and are recently retired, but young enough to enjoy our life. Hopefully after this virus [stress] is over we will be able to move on and live our dream…

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american originals

HEART OF THE WARRIOR Large turquoise stones set in silver exude confidence. Royston Warrior Cuff ($2,498), britwest.net SADDLE BAG Keep your essentials secure, encased in fringed leather. Annie Oakley twisted fringe crossbody bag ($295), lakelandleatherworks.com When asked to define the American experience, pinning down an answer is not a straightforward task. We are a melting pot of perspectives, viewed from high-rise cities and rolling hills alike — difficult to corral. Like a hand-woven Navajo rug, we are stitched together into a beautiful tapestry, telling a story of heritage and pride. Maybe that is what leads the world to marvel at the American way — it’s undeniably original. No matter which path we decide to walk, our freedoms have brought ingenuity, innovation, and creativity to the forefront, and as a result, Americans are trailblazers both culturally…

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western storefront

J’z Fashion Threadz While considering items to invest into her storefront, Julie Smelser, owner of J’z Fashion Threadz, reflects on how Westernwear has adapted with the times. “From pearl-snap shirts to pointed cowboy boots, everything is more contemporary and comfort-fitting,” Smelser says. As Western apparel expands beyond the expected starched denim and rigid leathers into everyday wear for the cowboy lifestyle, Smelser has put her finger on the pulse of the crossover, setting her shop up for success. Smelser’s flagship store location in Sidney, Montana, is a fusion of classic Western influence and contemporary comfort. As chain stores phased out of the modest Big Sky community, J’z Fashion Threadz stepped in to provide both practical and fashionable wares for men, women, and children alike. Residents of Sidney immediately took to Smelser’s open-border…