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Film Preview: The Mustang An acclaimed new drama focuses on a Nevada prisoner who is selected for a wild horse training program. The film is produced by Robert Redford and stars Matthias Schoenaerts, Connie Britton, and Bruce Dern. Read interviews and find out more by searching “Mustang” at cowboysindians.com. Archive Interview: Faye Dunaway The Highwaymen isn’t the first film to explore the intense drama and manhunt surrounding an iconic crime duo. 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde was a masterpiece that told the story from the fearsome twosome’s point of view. Star Faye Dunaway sat down with C&I two years ago to talk about the movie’s 50th anniversary. Search “Dunaway” at cowboysindians.com. C&I Movie Awards: Who Won? Search “movie awards” at cowboysindians.com to find out which films and performances were most beloved by C&I readers. We’ll tell…

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Matt Crossman, “Plunging Into the Deepest Darkness” (page 88) One of the greatest Western adventures I’ve been on was when I went goose hunting in Alaska with Ricko DeWilde, a Koyukon Athabaskan and star of Life Below Zero, which airs on the National Geographic Channel. I chronicled that trip in the January 2019 issue of Cowboys & Indians, and I will never forget how raw it felt to shoot, pluck, cook, and eat a goose all in a few hours. James R. Petersen, “Two-Wheeling to Freedom” (page 100) My daughter once asked me, “Dad, all your sports are mountain sports. All your friends are mountain friends. Why do we live in Chicago?” My son answered, “Because Dad has a job that lets him go to interesting places for free.” I’m a magazine writer,…

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a good ride, a new you

“I THINK YOU CAN GIVE IT A TEST RIDE right…uh… here,” Dale Garner said, as his big ol’ truck came to a stop near an overlook at Fort Worth’s Panther Island, a complex of parkland and trails on the banks of the Trinity River. I jumped out of the passenger side and Garner—the general manager of Wheeler’s Western Outfitters in Boerne, Texas—quickly made his way around to the rear right door. He pulled what looked like a wrecked bicycle out of his truck. But looks were deceiving. Not 10 minutes later, he’d unfolded and prepped a supremely enviable object: a QuietKat electric bicycle. “Here’s a helmet. Try not to get too crazy.” Wise words, because as soon as I took off onto the nearest trail and revved up the acceleration button on the handlebar,…

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Cheers to Chip Gaines We’ve watched Chip and his wife create their brand through the years and reinvest back into their community and country way of life. Truly inspiring. I, for one, love seeing him on the cover of C&I. Only thing better would be him and Joanna together on the cover. —Joy Cope Rainwater, via Facebook A Fan’s Advice I loved the Chip Gaines interview. He is a breath of fresh air. I also wanted to add a bit of advice. Chip, when holding the lead rope of one or multiple horses, please don’t wrap them around your hand. Hold the lead rope(s) the way you held the reins of the horse to your left. You could get seriously hurt if the horses pull back or even move their head to clear a…

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the open range

TRAVEL TOP From the new Arizona Highways collection by Double D Ranch, the Skylar is ideal for spring travels southwest. Not only is this contemporary take on the peasant top lightweight and flowy, offering all-day comfort, it’s embroidered with colorful depictions of the regional desert flora. Plus, it comes in a sunny shade of Highway Honey yellow that has us itching to roll down the windows and hit the road (contact for pricing). ddranchwear.com LAKELAND LEATHER Tom Hathaway first began working with leather when he was just 8 years old, studying under expert craftsman Don Atkinson at his boot and saddle shop. As an adult, he went on to build a career in law enforcement instead, but in 2009, he felt the pull of his roots, and he and his wife, Donna, looked…

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western storefront

Turquoise & Tequila Sometimes there’s a long and fascinating origin story behind the name of a successful store. Other times, it’s more straight-forward — as is the case for Turquoise &Tequila. “I love turquoise, and I love tequila,” owner Margaret Schmidt says with a laugh. The birth of her business is just as simply explained. Schmidt wanted a career that allowed her plenty of time for her family. During her years in a corporate sales job, she found her time at home more and more fleeting, so in 2016 she decided to explore a new avenue, and she started by selling her favorite Western fashion and jewelry finds through her Instagram and Facebook pages. Her two criteria for her inventory: originality and affordability. “I love finding unique styles, but they are always so…