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Cowboys & Indians May / June 2019

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Film Preview: The Kid Vincent D’Onofrio, Ethan Hawke, and Chris Pratt were Wild West heroes in director Antoine Fuqua’s well-received 2016 remake of The Magnificent Seven. Now they’re reunited for another western: The Kid, a fresh take on the oft-told story of lawman Pat Garrett and outlaw Billy the Kid. D’Onofrio — the impressively versatile character actor whose varied résumé includes Full Metal Jacket, Men in Black, The Newton Boys, and TV’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent — is the one in the director’s chair. Read more by searching “The Kid” at Archive Interview: Luke Perry Just before wrapping this issue, we received the sad news that actor Luke Perry had passed away at 52 after a stroke. The Beverly Hills, 90210 icon had devoted fans in the C&I readership thanks to…

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Naomi Tomky (Edouardo Jordan, page 112) Photographer Celeste Noche (full disclosure: She shot my cookbook, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook) not only makes stunning food and travel images for national magazines and newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, Kinfolk, Conde Nast Traveler), she also uses her talents to lift up others, advocate for diversity and inclusivity, and share stories of underrepresented communities around her, most recently through her Portland in Color project (, a database and journal of the city’s artists of color as profiled by Celeste and her co-creators. Lindsay Whelchel (Keyshawn Whitehorse, page 96) When it comes to telling stories, a writer’s job is made much easier by having powerful photos to go along with the words. Emily Gethke, a 24-year-old Canadian rodeo photographer I’ve worked with for years, has impressed me with…

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these tales ring true

HAVE YOU CAUGHT THE BALLAD OF BUSTER Scruggs on Netflix? If that’s a yes and you’re anything like me, you giggled all the way through it. The film’s short-story chapters are teeming with wit and purposeful absurdity. There are so many laughs that while you’re watching, you might not realize the whole thing is about death, with the West as a backdrop for the Grim Reaper’s indiscriminate exploits. Nobody melds morbidity and mirth quite like the Coen Brothers, who adapted and directed The Ballad of Buster Scruggs first as a potential anthology series but ended up cutting the strongest bits into a feature. The nimble auteurs had previously mastered epic westerns (True Grit), death-obsessed parables (No Country for Old Men), and absurdist comedies (Raising Arizona), so it was a natural progression…

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Was That You? About six months ago, I picked up a magazine at a yard sale. I fell in love with it but made the mistake of letting my sister read it. She later threw it away, not knowing I wanted it back. It had a fabulous article about the Longmire series. A fabulous photo of Robert Taylor was on the cover. I think the magazine was from 2018. I just don’t remember the title of the magazine and neither does my sister. Was that one of your issues? If so, this is the magazine to which I would like to subscribe. — Cindy G., Pensacola, Florida From editorial director Hunter Hauk: Cindy, a copy of the October 2017 Longmire issue is on the way to your place so that you can cherish…

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the open range

SHOT TO THE HEART This set of hand-cast resin shotgun shell coasters in a faux-leather holder is a gift that won’t break the bank and is sure to make a sportsman smile ($25.95, set of four). Also among our favorites from Lone Star Western Décor are the horseshoe cowboy hat rack, Lone Star saddle stand, and the Southwestern-print throw blankets. But if you’re looking to get a laugh, check out the cowhide-printed bath mat and the pistol smartphone holder. KEEP IT BRIEF The best dad deserves the best leather goods, and for those, look no further than Scully. For the businessman or traveler, Scully’s lambskin satchel briefcase is our top Father’s Day pick, featuring an interior front organizer, a zip pocket in back, and a removable laptop shuttle (contact for retailers). It also…