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Perhaps no other single publication has inspired generations of readers as CRICKET has. Acclaimed for its high-quality fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and brilliant illustrations, CRICKET delivers intelligent, imaginative content that encourages readers to develop their own, unique creativity. Frequent contests encourage young writers to try their hand at various genres. Grades 4-8

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“Autumn Journey” acrylic paint and digital tools Jaime Kim is a children’s book illustrator who was born and raised in South Korea before moving to the USA when she was eighteen. She has illustrated many books for young readers, including La La La: A Story of Hope by Kate Dicamillo. She works with gouache, watercolors, and acrylics to create nostalgic and dreamlike illustrations, inspired by childhood memories of her family, as well as movies, art, and the outside world. Her favorite things are the sun, the moon, the sky, and stars—which is why they always creep into her artwork.…

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the letterbox

I’m going into eighth grade and I have been the new kid at school eight times. I basically think of myself as a nomad at this point. I’m 99 percent introverted, so in addition to not making friends easily I tend to not talk to them very much anyway. It’s not hard to find at least one person who you can get along with. There will also most likely be a group of friends who band around you because you’re new and interesting, and they want to be nice. Teachers will try to help you as much as possible. After the first week or so you’ll become a lot more comfortable. Nomad Kid Down to Earth, Chatterbox Hi, Everybuggy! I am sooo happy to be writing to you bugs! It is my first…

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the kind of girl donuts talk to

“SO . . . YOU gonna eat me or what?” I look down at my lunch. I know my mom would be mad if she knew I only bought a donut. She’s always on me about how a growing girl needs good nutrition, how you can’t learn with just sugar to fuel you. She never mentioned this particular issue though: the donut is talking to me. Some people would be delighted about this, I guess. But me? This is the last thing I need. Long story, but in the fourth grade I was known as the girl who threw up on her hand. It took two years for me to live that down. Now, in the sixth grade, I think most people have forgotten about it. They haven’t teased me in months,…

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can i live within your smile?

A question I have to ask . . .Can I live within your smile?Or maybe just vacation in it for a little while?It looks so welcoming, so hospitableThe weather here has been so miserableHow’s the weather in your smile? Can I stay within your voice?If not, could I just sleep there a night, or two, at most?I know it’s an awful lot to askBut when you talk it’s so steady, so comfortingAnd I have such trouble sleeping Can I sit and watch you go about your day?I promise not a word I’ll sayI simply admire the gentle wayYou complete a taskIf it’s not too much to ask? Can I make a home of your heart?Can I unpack my things?Whenever I am around you, my heart singsCan I just linger, tidy up some things,Until…

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the traveler part 1

Jamie wandered aimlessly, kicking a broken chunk of sidewalk, following the chip of cement as it skittered and bounced through leaves and off curbs. In a trance, she walked down unknown blocks and around unfamiliar corners, her mind so far away that she didn’t sense the falling night until the chill air pinched her nose and a gust of wind lifted her out of her meandering thoughts. She found herself in a spooky, rundown neighborhood. Above her a yellow streetlight stained the gathering dusk. She could barely make out the words on the bent sign. Vine Street. She had never heard of it. Shadows buried the intersecting streets in darkness. Which way was back? Defeated, she plopped down on her backpack. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The glowing numbers on her watch flashed,…

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COOPER FELT GOOSEBUMPS break out all over his arms. He looked at his mom in disbelief. She was wearing his video game headset and staring at the TV screen. There was a vein in the side of her neck that he had never noticed before. It was pulsing. But none of that was the most terrifying. The cause of the goosebumps was what he heard coming from his mother’s mouth. “Yesss!” she hissed triumphantly. “I got the emerald sword! I’m coming for you, Dunder Dragon!” “Mom? What are you doing?” he asked. “Oh wassup, honey? NO! Look out! The creeper is right behind you.” Cooper’s mom covered the mouthpiece and spoke to him out of the side of her mouth without tearing her eyes away from the screen. “He’s such a noob.” “A noob? Mom, since…