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Perhaps no other single publication has inspired generations of readers as CRICKET has. Acclaimed for its high-quality fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and brilliant illustrations, CRICKET delivers intelligent, imaginative content that encourages readers to develop their own, unique creativity. Frequent contests encourage young writers to try their hand at various genres. Grades 4-8

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cover and border

“Pig Love” acrylic paint on paper Jeff has been creating art for children for almost twenty years. He has illustrated, and occasionally written, more than sixty picture books. His newest titles include Melvin the Mouth written by Katherine Blanc and Laugh Out Loud written by James Patterson. He also wrote and illustrated the forthcoming picture book George the Hero Hound, which is loosely based on his childhood growing up on a farm. Jeff and his wife, Eileen, graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Jeff worked as an art director in the children’s book department for a Chicago publisher. He writes and illustrates the monthly comic series “Nestor’s Dock” for Ask magazine. He has also done paper engineering for pop-up books, created large-scale murals for schools and churches, and sculpted puppets and performed…

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the letter box

Dear Everybuggy, I loveeeeeeee your mag! It’s so inspiring and creative! One of my favorite things in the world is drawing. I draw every day! During quarantine I opened an online shop where I sell my art. I think you should make more art contests, ’cause they bring joy! I’m homeschooled and I love to read. Some of my favorite books are City Spies by James Ponti, Smoke and Mirrors by K. D. Halbrook, and Stepping Stones by Lucy Knisley. Daniela, age 13 San Juan, Puerto Rico Hello, Everybody! Let us begin with important dates! February 1 National Freedom Day, 2 Groundhog Day, 4 Thank a Mail Carrier Day, 9 National Pizza Day, 12 Chinese New Year and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, 14 Valentine’s Day, 15 Presidents’ Day, 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day, and 20 Cherry…

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valor for valor

“CHUKKERS!” The announcement of the end of the polo round nearly two paddocks away pierced my horsey serenity. This meant that the practice match had ended for the evening and that I would have to hear people talking about it. “Chukkers” was such a strange word. When I first heard it, I thought it meant “chucking” something, like chucking a rider off a horse. Now I knew it meant the groups of riders in a polo match, and for me, it was a marker of time. I was riding a new bay horse named Valor, a recently acquired off-the-track Thoroughbred—a retired racing horse who had been through a lot. Our trainer’s goal was to turn Valor into a polo pony, but she still considered him “too much of a handful.” When I…

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in yokohama

Lonely on top of a hill, the grandstand remains large and solid, concrete, with crumbling edges. High at the top, windows under a roof, like empty eyes, look over the deserted racetrack. Grass and weeds tangle next to a broken fence in need of repair. I stand at the edge and look and just for a moment I hear hooves pounding, crowds cheering. Just for a moment I see the crowd jump to its feet, but there is only silence. People say the emperor came here to watch the races, but I hear only the wind. I turn to leave, and pass a small enclosure, ornate wrought iron surrounding a few small obelisks covered with Japanese characters. People say these are the graves of the Emperor’s favorite horses. Weeds and grass have grown high inside the little fence. A…

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sisters and other life forms

Max Tut is the youngest person ever to take the pilot’s test on Silar Three, but she has always lived in the shadow of her brilliant older sister, Sera, who insists on calling her Max-ine. Even when Max won first prize in a fifth-grade science fair, all the judges asked her about was her famous sister’s research. During her pilot’s test, Max’s robotic shuttlecraft, named Bixby, collides with an asteroid emerging from a wormhole and crash-lands on an uncharted moon. Sera is seriously injured, and to keep her alive until they can return to Silar Three, Max has frozen Sera in a cryotube. Max blames herself for Sera’s injury and imagines her sister’s voice in her head telling her what to do. When Bixby informs Max that power is very…

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the girl who sculpted abraham lincon

On a summer morning in 1863, sixteen-year-old Lavinia Ream stood under a shade tree on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. She waited for President Abraham Lincoln to ride past on his way to the White House. The clip-clop of hooves brought Vinnie to the edge of the road. As the carriage passed, she studied Lincoln’s long, sad face. Many people were fascinated by the president, but Vinnie had a special reason for wanting to meet him. She hoped to sculpt a bust of his features. Vinnie’s family had moved to Washington two years earlier at the start of the Civil War. Her father, Robert Ream, was a surveyor who knew the value of mapmaking skills in time of war. He was quickly hired by the government. With so many men fighting,…