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April - May 2021
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DA MAN is the definitive guide to men’s style, giving readers insightful tips on the hottest fashion, art events, travel destinations, grooming products, relationships, technology and autos.

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PT Mahapala Mahardhika
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fashion and reflection

Throughout the past 12 months or so, it has been really interesting to see how the fashion world coped with the challenges of a worldwide health crisis. In particular, it was both enlightening and encouraging to see how fast and how far the industry adapted. From luxury brands shifting their manufacturing capacities towards PPE production to creative directors arranging virtual runway shows with mind-blowing aesthetics or, on the flip side, crafting garments that resound with our newfound love for comfortable clothing. Today, at a time when it feels that the world is finally well on its way towards recovery, we finally see glimpses of fashion showcases as they used to be, especially with the rollout of fall/winter shows all across the world. And there’s also much to be excited about from…

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subtle blue

Undoubtedly one of the colors that works for every season, blue can easily make its way into every wardrobe and make it look good. This season, there are at least three different shades of blue seen on the runways. Classic blues are updated for the new season with technical fabrications, worn as single statement pieces or impactful head-to-toe blocks. Speaking of head-to-toe blocks, layering on different shades of color can be a good idea for your everyday wardrobe. The trick is to keep the lightest shade on the inside and gradually work towards darker tones moving outwards. Hints of different shades also puts a nice touch to a more muted wardrobe. And there you have it: easy, smart casual attire ready to go. Outfit by Prada Photography Robby Agus Styling Safina Harys…

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Do It Like In The Eighties Incorporating suits in your wardrobe has become markedly easier these days. While single-breasted is still a classic and safe option, why not go all-out like the stockbroker of the 1980s with double-breasted jackets and peak lapels to spice things up? Seen on Louis Vuitton’s, Ermenegildo Zegna’s, Fendi’s and Balenciaga’s spring/summer runways, these suits are designed to be worn open—and the baggier the better. Just keep the shoulders fitted and let everything else loose. Floral Fling The season wouldn’t be complete without a sighting of florals. You know the drill. Fashion houses like Fendi, Burberry, Valentino and Etro presented their own renditions of the beloved spring and summer pattern, but the looks have been more masculine rather than floaty. There are digitized takes are decidedly fresh along with…

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In The Neighborhood Hermès unveils a new Spring 2021 campaign which celebrates the unique character of Parisian faubourgs and neighborhoods. Called the Faubourg Odyssey, the campaign evokes relaxed energy in a fantasy city build of collages as the background. Showcased by Seoul-born model Sang Woo Kim, the Spring/Summer 2021 looks stand out with ardor and impetuosity. Bringing this visualization to life is fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg. A New Perspective This season, the #WHATMAKESAMAN concept from Ermenegildo Zegna evolves to include a new perspective. The new campaign presents an opportunity for loved ones to consider the contemporary ideals that matter when it comes to the men in their lives by asking: What makes my man? Offering a more intimate portrait of individuals and relationships, the brand captures the bond between model, singer and songwriter…

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Fresh Territory In 2021, Givenchy embarks on a new and exciting chapter for its emblematic Antigona accessories line as Creative Director Matthew M. Williams takes the house’s favorite creation into fresh territory. Williams reinterprets the icon and blends in his love of industrial hardware with Givenchy hallmarks. Named after a passionate and courageous Greek heroine, the Antigona has been given a new, elegant geometry with more generous volumes as well as a modern attitude and a futuristic edge. Crafted from Box-finish calfskin, the new Antigona salutes its lineage with a scaled-up version of its characteristic pentagonal patch and two signatures—a 4G up front, GIVENCHY lettering in the back—evoking the house’s dual character. Luxurious and distinctive 4G padlocks, custom-designed by Williams for Givenchy, are inspired by the celebrated “love locks” of Paris and…

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summer composition

AS WE ENTER THE NEW SPRING/SUMMER SEASON IN EARNEST, THERE ARE A LOT OF NEW TRENDS TO EXPLORE BUT UNDOUBTEDLY QUITE A FEW QUESTIONS THAT GO ALONG WITH THEM. BUT, WORRY NOT, WE GOT IT COVERED. Yay or Nay: Extra-large pants This season, go for it! For spring/summer 2021, pretty much every menswear designer sent out an-array of extra-large, extra-wide pants, where any constraint becomes obsolete. Some are cut high and come with a retro vibe, while some look sportier with tracksuit style trousers cut with room enough for two. And when you really think about it, wide-legged trousers have it all: They’re comfortable, easy to wear and—if high-waisted—it’ll make you look longer and leaner. So, to answer the question: definitely yay! What’s the color of the season? Right of the bat, pastels dominated…