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Adweek February 10, 2020

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the road to challenger brands

How important are reviews to your marketing strategy? Our reviews are important because they give us the world’s biggest, most unique corpus of data on the millions of studio fitness and wellness experiences our customers attend every month. Reviews are a key ingredient in the recommendations that we surface, both to new users who are deciding whether or not ClassPass is for them and longtime users who are looking to discover something new. In addition, review content is also great for SEO, which is a key acquisition channel for us. Do you use influencers, and if so, how? The experiences on ClassPass are naturally shareable, so influencers are a very organic marketing channel for us. We do partner with several fans of ClassPass and offer complimentary classes in exchange for posts…

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retail dips into experiential

The most anticipated attraction opening in Las Vegas this year isn’t a resort or nightclub—it’s a shopping complex. Area15 is an upcoming retail and live entertainment venue anchored by interactive art and technology experiences. The 200,000-square-foot site, which opens in April, is a joint venture from real estate development firm Fisher Brothers and creative agency Beneville Studios. Despite retail industry struggles, brands are still investing in nontraditional brick-and-mortar formats. According to a 2019 survey by Kearney, 81% of Gen Zers prefer to shop in stores and 73% like to discover new products in stores. More retailers are using experiential techniques to evolve and compete with online shopping because of this. In January, Area15 announced a partnership with Intel, which will open an onsite production hub to work with artists and smaller brands to…

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branding on the high seas

When Gwenyth Paltrow announced that her lifestyle brand Goop was throwing a “wellness” conference aboard a celebrity cruise ship later this year, she joined a cadre of content doyennes. Within the last several years, the cruise ship industry has partnered with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart to create branded content for each mogul’s community. Even though themed cruises are nothing new—see the Nascar Cruise or the Kiss Kruise—Winfrey and Stewart’s cruise partnerships run deeper, with customized programming and excursions, ranging from tailored menus to appearances and swag in the gift shop, each with Winfrey and Stewart’s own touch. And Goop is unique in itself for being a one-off activation event. The cruise industry is expected to carry 32 million people this year, almost double the amount of a decade…

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carnival cruise line’s new chief ‘fun’ officer

Never hurting for a marketing dollar, Shaquille O’Neal became Carnival Cruise Line’s chief “fun” officer last spring to coincide with the company’s new tagline, “Choose fun.” “We wanted someone who could work with our team internally and externally,” said Christine Duffy, Carnival’s president. The role sees Shaq appearing in Carnival commercials, hosting its safety videos and even putting his restaurant, Big Chicken, aboard the Carnival Radiance on its first voyage this spring. “Carnival appeals tremendously to the male millennial,” said Alvin Lieberman, marketing and business professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business. “It doesn’t hurt that you see him representing a lot of other products.”…

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life after cookies

Google’s decision to become the latest browser to kill the cookie has industry trade groups scrambling to pick up the pieces. The IAB Tech Lab, the research and development arm of the IAB, wants to lead a broad coalition of interests that can come to a consensus about how to continue online advertising. The trade organization, according to sources with knowledge but not allowed to speak publicly, is planning an announcement at this year’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting—scheduled to take place Feb. 9-11—concerning how the industry will move ahead when it comes to targeting online ads after Google said it would stop supporting third-party ads in its market-leading Chrome browser. Presently, few details are clear, although sources suggest Google is “cooperating” with the trade body, which has convened a working group to…

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clorox’s rebrand plays it safe

Founded 107 years ago as the Electro-Alkaline Co. with an initial investment of $500 in Oakland, Calif., the firm launched with just one product: Clorox liquid bleach. Horse-drawn wagons delivered the returnable five-gallon jugs of the chemical concoction to clean industrial equipment. The now Procter & Gamble-owned brand has expanded into a slew of other household cleaning supplies with and without bleach. Clorox also has changed its look several times since the company’s inception. CHALLENGE As an older brand facing an evergrowing crowd of direct-to-consumer cleaning competitors popular with millennials and Gen Z, Clorox needed a new strategy to compete. Its new approach had to focus more on sustainability, which is a higher priority for new generations than it was for their parents. Clorox would also need a more relatable image through channels…