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January/February 2021

AFAR is a different kind of travel magazine that guides and inspires those who travel the world seeking to connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. Get AFAR digital magazine subscription today for intriguing travel stories told with beautiful photos and a fresh design.

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afar travelers’ awards

Where are you dreaming of going this year? AFAR readers cast more than 150,000 votes to honor their favorite hotels, cruises, airlines, trips, and destinations. We hope this comprehensive list of winners helps spark your wanderlust and inspire your next trip. For more details, visit afar.com. HOTELS BEACH HOTEL Dorado Beach, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico DESIGN HOTEL Royal, Marrakech, Morocco GRANDE DAME HOTEL The Ritz Paris EPIC STAY Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora WELLNESS HOTEL JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa INTERNATIONAL HOTEL Park Hyatt Tokyo U.S. HOTEL Fairmont San Francisco FOOD & WINE EXPERIENCE Blackberry Farm, Tennessee CRUISES LARGE-SHIP CRUISE Royal Caribbean MEDIUM-SHIP CRUISE Seabourn SMALL-SHIP CRUISE Windstar Cruises FOOD & BEVERAGE PROGRAM Oceania Cruises EXPERIENTIAL ITINERARIES Seabourn ALASKA CRUISE Holland America Line RIVER CRUISE Viking Cruises FRENCH POLYNESIA CRUISE Paul Gauguin Cruises EXPEDITION CRUISE Lindblad Expeditions MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE Viking Cruises CARIBBEAN CRUISE Viking Cruises AIR TRAVEL FIRST-CLASS EXPERIENCE Emirates U.S. AIRLINE Delta Air Lines INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Singapore Changi Airport BUSINESS-CLASS EXPERIENCE Emirates INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE Emirates U.S. AIRPORT San Francisco International Airport ECONOMY EXPERIENCE Lufthansa DOMESTIC REWARDS PROGRAM Southwest Airlines FOOD & BEVERAGE PROGRAM Singapore Airlines TRIPS CULINARY ADVENTURES Country Walkers OVER-THE-TOP JOURNEYS TCS World Travel TRIPS THAT DO GOOD REI Adventures RAFTING &…

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founder’s note

To us, the future of travel is one in which local businesses and residents welcome visitors who seek to give, not just take, when they experience a destination. THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has caused so much pain and destruction. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one and to those who have suffered through sickness and confinement. And I feel such empathy for those who have had their livelihoods upended and dealt with financial hardship. Our industry, the travel industry, has been crushed, and the consequences have affected so many of our friends and colleagues. It is heartbreaking. AFAR has not been immune. While we greatly expanded our digital content in 2020, this is the first print issue we have published since last spring. We are fully aware that…

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the traveler’s manifesto

I will travel again. That much I know. The question is how. I don’t mean whether I’ll be wearing a mask or carrying hand sanitizer—I will be—but a bigger, more philosophical how, and its close cousin, why. These are questions I thought I had answered. I’ve spent a lifetime traveling and thinking and thinking about traveling. Along the way, I cobbled together my own “philosophy of travel.” Go solo, do no harm, see as much as possible. It was a good philosophy, I thought, one that enabled me to travel ethically while still enjoying myself. But a backlash was brewing, as the scourge of overtourism came into sharp relief. Crowds of eager travelers were sullying the environment and fraying the social fabric of overrun destinations. Friends, meanwhile, questioned my outsize carbon footprint.…

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where the path leads

The signs were everywhere, but I rarely saw them: slender green arrows mounted on metal posts, pointing out over fields, along rivers and canals, the white words painted on them, public footpath, getting not so much as a thank-you for their service. GREAT BRITAIN, MY NATIVE LANDSCAPE, is overridden with these footpaths—roughly 150,000 miles of trails known as public rights of way. The land they cross is often private, but public rights of way—which allow anyone to traverse that land on foot, bicycle, or horse—have been part of the country’s history since the Dark Ages, enshrined in law for centuries. We all found our own ways of coping with lockdown. Some people turned to fitness videos, some to baking. I escaped to the footpaths. My parents’ cottage in Buckinghamshire, 40 miles northwest…

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anew global citizen

I guess if I had to put a label to it, I’d call myself a Global Citizen; you know, if push came to shove. Or si la poussée vient à pousser. See? I just dropped some French, and yet I’m primarily writing in English. How Global Citizen of me! IF I WAS YOUR BOUGIE EVERYWOMAN, the type who went to college, did a semester abroad, backpacked around Europe, watched French films at independent cinemas, and in a pinch, could recall, and even correctly pronounce, the name of the German chancellor, you’d call me a Global Citizen. A woman who’s sensitive to the plight of rural Hondurans and doesn’t confuse them with other Central Americans. Who understands the difference between a crumpet and an English muffn. A woman who gets it. That woman…

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Where to Go in 2021. It might be more appropriate to ask Should I Go in 2021? And if so, How Exactly Do I Go? Because 2021, while imbued with hope, is still an unknown. Lockdowns, border openings, and the vaccine (oh, the vaccine) remain in flux. In a time when so much remains uncertain, there are some things we know to be true. The pandemic revealed a world without travel. We learned what we took for granted and what we missed the most. And we know we will go when the time is right. On the following pages, you’ll read about 12 places we’re dreaming of now: A journalist longing to return to Ghana; a novelist’s dream of following, slowly, in the footsteps of her favorite adventurer in Greece; an…