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African Hunting Gazette Jul-Aug-Sep 2018

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Our Objective is simple and clear - to promote hunting in Africa. And everything we do, focuses on this central mission. We believe that for the passionate hunters they are either hunting, or spend their time wishing they were hunting. This publication helps them get through that time when they are not actually in the bush. Our reader is more committed, more passionate and has tremendous interest in just about everything to do with the African Safari. From cover to cover the AHG brings you everything you need to know about hunting the great continent of Africa. From the southern tip of Africa to the northern reaches of Ethiopia, we go about pursuing our simple and unambiguous objective.

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dying for a buffalo…

Not six weeks previously I had spent a night in the Makuya Game Reserve, a community-owned reserve bordering Kruger National Park, and arguably one of the finest truly big-game areas in South Africa. Claude Kleynhans, PH & owner of Guwela Safaris had a 10-year concession in the reserve, and had invited me to see this incredible area. Years back Claude and I had met through his best friend Natie Oelofse, with whom we published The Practical Shot. Natie (who had touched many lives) had entered a battle with cancer which, after giving it a really good go, he would eventually lose. Claude and I became great friends over that extremely sad time. Catching up with Claude this past January at Dallas Safari Club after so many years, was just fantastic. It…

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reader alert

Life Membership: We have materially changed this from the what we called a Guild Membership program, to simply calling it what it is… A Lifetime membership to AHG! (See page 20) Afton Safari Lodge: It's a little over one year since we took over this iconic ‘first stop’ in Africa and we have made some significant changes. We look forward to hosting you next time you are passing through Joburg. (See Inside back cover) Research: We are lauching our 3rd International Hunter Survey on Africa. Your input would be appreciated and it's on our website. Our slogan: It's always been our mission and now we have finally placed it on the front cover of our magazine - Promoting Hunting in Africa. Your feedback is always appreciated.richard@thefuture.co.za…

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news & letters

Dear Richard, I have just read “Give an Inch” in the summer 2018 issue of African Hunting Gazette. I agree with your disdain for those who “chase the inch,” but Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game is not a book for inch-chasers. I know, as a publisher, that space is limited in a magazine, but I hope you will publish this letter and allow me to mention a few items possibly overlooked in the editorial. Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game lists all animals whether they are shot by a hunter, owned by a game department, picked up, or even if killed by a car. Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game lists the animal on the left side of its pages, thus placing the animal first and the hunter later. Rowland Ward’s…

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has kenya finally seen the light?

The task force is headed by former Kenya Wildlife Service Director Dr David Western, and will evaluate options of consumptive utilization of wildlife (game farming and game ranching) in community and private lands, taking cognizance of the impacts, successes and failures of the previous wildlife cropping program. It will also evaluate how consumptive utilization will contribute to the national GDP, food security, job creation and livelihood support, with a view of creating co-existence between communities and wildlife. For answers, the commission need only to look at the work done on the Swara Plains Conservancy just outside Nairobi by Kenyan national, Professor David Hopcraft. As a teenager Hopcraft worked in the northern part of Kenya where there was very serious land degradation. When he arrived in the area the first dust storm…

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john sharp's facing down fear

That bigger than life professional hunters are not relegated to a bygone era quickly becomes evident when reading John Sharp’s Facing Down Fear (Ex Montibus Media, 336 pages). Today, best known as a PH in Zimbabwe’s Bubye Valley Conservancy, Sharp’s candid and revealing tales of his hunting experiences describe a man who earned his stripes the traditional way. At times out of work and scrambling for his next gig, Sharp’s willingness to take risks in an effort to build his career and reputation led him to Mozambique, Zaire, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia over the last four decades. Sharp is almost a caricature of Hollywood’s depiction of a PH. Most often he’s photographed shirtless, his muscular frame evident (workouts were a part of his daily regimen, even when hunting), knife…

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the garmin xero™ a1 and xero™ a1i bow sights.

It’s the first bow-mounted laser range finder and targeting display system that measures the angle-compensated distance to the target and provides an LED pin for the shot, even on those “in-between” yardages. Dual color LED pins3 automatically adjust brightness to conditions, allowing you to see your target, unobstructed by physical pins. A single trigger lets you range at rest or full draw to game1 up to 100 yards away or to reflective targets up to 300 yards. To help you track game or arrows, Hot Zone GPS waypoint projection works with a compatible Garmin devices2 to show you exactly where the target was located when the shot or range was taken. Saves settings for various bow setups. Customizable for single-pin and multi-pin configurations or for manual pin selection. 1 Some jurisdictions…