Airways Magazine September/October 2021

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editor’s briefing

When you see it on paper, our brains make the obvious connections. Summer = heat, sweat, beach, no school, vacation, fun. Things like that. But, being a bookworm and vocabulary nerd, I did a little research and found that the word ‘summer’ comes from the Proto-Indo-European root ‘sam’; a variant of the root ‘sem’, which means ‘together’. Summer, it turns out, is the season of togetherness. And that comes as no surprise. Most of us aviation enthusiasts at heart find togetherness over the perimeter fences at our local airports, meeting old friends and sharing experiences and stories. Others travel to remote places and bring back new, fantastic reports. Take, for example, the stunning Everts Air Cargo and 2Excel Aviation reports and photos in this issue, both put together by our talented staff. Over the…

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IN LOVING MEMORY George Walker Cearley, JR. 1947-2021 One of the great airline historians has flown west. George Cearley, author of more than a dozen books about airlines, airports, and airliners, passed away on July 28 of this year. Known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the U.S. airline industry, George will be remembered for his story-telling skills and his ability to convey information in detail. We have lost a living library of airline history, but his legacy will live on. Greetings, Airways, This was a nice catch at Long Beach Airport (LGB): X Aviation Group LLC MD-87 (N3107P · MSN 49670 · LN 1453). When looking up its registration, I discovered that this aircraft actually used to be based at LGB, as it is the ex-Sunrider Corporation MD-87 N168CF, which I had photographed many times over the…

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on the cover

ON THE COVER The sleek lines of one of 2Excel Aviation’s Boeing 727 seen from above highlight its iconic appearance. The jetliner, once a parcel hauler with Fedex, now serves an important task in controlling oil spills. Reinvention and innovation at their finest. PHOTO 2EXCEL AVIATION. SOCIAL MEDIA airwaysmag 1,966 likes How about this for a perspective shot, and awesome angle of the 787 featuring a smoky departure! Pretty cool, right? PHOTO: Daniel Gorun OUR MOST VIEWED VIDEO Edmonton based ultra low cost carrier (ULCC) Flair Airlines (F8) has announced their first expansion south of the Canadian border. Airways is now on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe and get the latest news and our Weekly AvFix.…

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airways photo news

1 PRIME AIR (CARGOJET) BOEING 767-338(ER)(BDSF)(WL) C-GAZF MSN 25363 · LN 402 Amazon’s Prime Air has placed two Boeing 767-300 freighters with Ontario-based Cargojet (W8). The converted cargo aircraft are under a four-year contract that expands Cargojet’s existing arrangement with Amazon Canada Fulfillment Services to provide express delivery services within Canada. 2 PRIME AIR BOEING 767-323(ER)(BDSF)(WL) N491AZ MSN 29429 · LN 700 Prime Air has applied special promotional titles to one of its Boeing 767s, featuring the movie Coming 2 America, a sequel of the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy. The livery consists of a yellow base, large “The Royal Family Has Arrived—Come 2 America” titles painted along the fuselage, and a picture of Murphy’s character. 3 FEDEX BOEING 767-300(F) N277FE MSN 66246 · LN 1239 FedEx (FX) has taken flight with its 100th Boeing 767-300(F). The jetliner, christened Ariella, bears a…

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the delta air lines surplus sales: an avgeeks trove

NOT TOO long ago, I asked my wife a simple question. “Honey, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few rows of airliner seats in our TV room? That would be a great way to sit and watch movies.” She just looked at me with a stare that could only mean, “Not going to happen.” I understood but was nevertheless disappointed. Now, airliner seats aren’t something you can just run down to the local furniture store and buy. To find such a treasure, you need to go somewhere special. And thankfully, here in Atlanta, we have one such place. After a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta Air Lines surplus sales resumed in the premises across the parking lot from the Delta Flight Museum at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport…

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a look at turkish airlines cargo

A FEW months ago, by means of an online webinar, Turkish Cargo (TK) brought industry-leading experts its view of the industry’s current state. In just a year, the picture has changed drastically. Ilker Ayci, Turkish Airlines’ Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, noted that the air cargo industry has been indispensable during the pandemic. Air Cargo has regained momentum from its capacity to quickly deliver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medical supplies, and vaccines. The crisis created by the pandemic—with the subsequent closures of borders and travel restrictions—has hurt airline sales, forcing companies resort to extreme measures to survive. From layoffs to fleet retirements, the COVID-19 crisis is reshaping the future of commercial aviation like no other event in aviation history. Despite the challenges, Turkish Airlines has managed to keep all…