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Volume 1, Issue 12 December 2021

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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firing up editor’s letter

In the world of classic muscle cars there is a solid variety to choose from should you want to start a fresh build or buy one already completed. The decision on which car to build or buy, whether it be a Chevelle, Nova, Tri-Five, Camaro, or a late-’50s or ’60s fullsize car, such as a Chevy Bel Air, Impala, or Biscayne, are only limited by your personal taste, imagination, and fatness of your wallet. So, when it comes to which vintage muscle car is most popular these days, the first-generation Camaro appears to be the number one choice. More specifically, it’s the ’69 that gets most of the attention. So what is it that makes this car so popular? We haven’t performed a comprehensive survey or the like, but I’ll take a…

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parts bin

1. POWER HANDLER FiTech’s Go EFI 4 Power Adder 600hp kit is just the ticket to replace a blow-through carb and even looks right at home atop a roots-style blower. This system is capable of supporting up to 21.7 pounds of boost out of the box as well as a single stage of wet nitrous. The air/fuel ratio is monitored and adjusted with FiTech’s fast-reacting, self-learning technology, plus the ignition timing can be controlled based on boost or nitrous. Most of the settings can be controlled through the touch-screen handheld monitor, but this system also comes with Pro-Tuning software to run on a laptop for even more specific mapping and tuning. For more information, contact FiTech by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit 2. SECOND-GEN F-BODY REAR SHOCK RELOCATION KIT Performance Online’s rear shock…

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chevy concepts

@TavisHighlander Although the owner of this Nova and I went through many design concepts, the one that really stuck out to me was a mild stock car theme. The look is easy to achieve and doesn’t require deep pockets. Instead, the theme requires a bit of restraint. Front and center are the American Racing VF503 wheels that have been powdercoated black and have a red stripe added to the outer edge. The style of the wheel looks the part but also offers modern sizing advantages over steel wheels. Up front there’s a fabricated air dam/splitter assembly to aid with downforce. An appropriate sheetmetal rear wing could round out the aero for this build. Side exit oval exhaust completes the look and helps give the build a rowdy attitude.…

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1966 chevy ii

Tony Causor is the kind of guy who, like many hot rodders, took to taking apart and modifying his Hot Wheels and other toy cars at a young age. Once Tony got old enough, he began getting his hands dirty helping out working on his dad’s cars. “Growing up, I remember helping my dad work on his cars in the garage,” Tony reminisces. “The knowledge I gained from my dad eventually led to me working on my own cars.” Tony has always wanted a classic Chevy but the cost was a bit out of reach–something he could never afford in his early twenties. He joined the military and eventually was able to save enough money to buy a ’66 Nova. He was the winning bidder of the car on an eBay…

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one-of-a-kind chevy six How many times have you been searching Craigslist or walking the aisles in a junkyard and find what might just be the perfect score only to raise the hood and be disappointed to find a pedestrian straight-six. Of course, over the decades, Chevrolet put a lot more sixes in vehicles than they did their much sexier V-8s. The straight-six was Chevrolet’s main engine when it was introduced in 1929, going into almost everything all the way up to the V-8’s introduction in 1954. And even after the V-8 came around, the straight-six was the base engine for practically every model. Incredibly, the straight-six was still being produced in Brazil as recently as 1988. So, given all that history, it is pretty darn cool that somebody is finally giving the straight-six its due.…

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1969 camaro

Katrina Updike has always had a soft spot for first-gen Camaros. As she quickly points out, “I’ve always wanted a Camaro, and the ’69 is my favorite because it was the year I was born.” That longstanding desire to own one was a bucket list item, but as any hard-core Chevy person will tell you, ’69 Camaros in decent shape have become increasingly hard to find–and expensive. As is often the case, being in the right place at the right time, or knowing the right person, goes a long way to finding what you lust after. In Katrina’s case it was a matter of knowing the right person and playing the long game, which in her case was about 10 years. The object of her desire was a ’69 Camaro that…