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soak IT UP! As we inch closer to the other side of the pandemic, I’m having a more-is-more moment. The sun is shining, I’m fully vaccinated, and I want all the things. It’s still early, I realize, and I’m still wearing my mask and washing my hands and keeping an eye on the news. But I’m more than ready to pull out my floppy sun hat and spend a leisurely Saturday morning perusing the freshest finds at the farmers markets, lingering in the aisles of grocery stores and specialty shops, squeezing the peaches and smelling the cheeses, and cooking whatever inspires me for all the people I’ve missed as they, too, start to widen their social bubbles. I’m not jetting anywhere just yet. But I’ve plotted a few road trips to visit and…

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love your HAPPY HOUR It’s peak cocktail season, and we’ll help you up your at-home libation game with a master class in mixology. Happy Hour How-To is your guide to perfect warm-weather cocktails like frosty margaritas and fruit-filled sangrias. Get details at Also, don’t miss the delicious tropical drink recipes in this issue. Try our Sparkling Rum Runner, Lightened-Up Scorpion Cup, and Perky Pineapple Sipper. A TO-DO LIST YOU’LL LOVE Don’t miss a second of seasonal magic with our fun summer to-do list! Whether it’s biting into a fresh farmers market peach, trying your hand at homemade coconut ice cream, or perfecting a grilled chicken thigh recipe, these are the hottest trends to try from June through August. Get started at Are You Grating Cheese All Wrong? Did You Forget to Chill…

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summer chill-out

Sandwich It Serve ice cream sandwiched between two cookies (we used the Cracked Sugar Cookie recipe). Roll or dip in sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate to take them over the top. “I use the Cuisinart 1½-quart ice cream maker and I highly recommend it. The freezer bowl needs to be frozen a day in advance, so plan ahead. The mixing paddle aerates the mixture to a wonderful consistency, and mixing in any nuts or chocolate chips at the end works perfectly.”– DEB CROWELL (@Deb C) Float On Create a float station using a variety of ice creams, sorbets, bubbly beverages, and toppings. Footed glasses and paper straws add to the fun. “The Zeroll scoop has a liquid-filled, heat-conductive handle that makes scooping and releasing ice cream easy. It also makes perfectly round balls of ice cream.”–…

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inside out

Cozy Up BY THE FIRE If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace, add a firepit or fire bowl to warm the soul and your seating area. Bonus: Choose one that has a ledge and it’ll double as a perch for coffee, cocktails, or s’mores fixings. Trade Ceilings and Walls For BREEZE & SKY Transform a nondescript square of decking or a patch of pea gravel into a never-want-to-leave alfresco living space by adding a weatherproof rug and a few pieces of teak, rattan, or rope furniture. Add catnapper-approved cushions and pillows and glimmering string lights, and you’ll want to linger there well past twilight. Freshen Your PREP ZONE Bring back the thrill of grilling by trading your freewheeling charcoal grill for a more complete outdoor kitchen. Buy a prefab grilling station—or integrate a grill, an undercounter fridge, and…

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“I live in Oklahoma where temperatures can reach triple digits, and because I don’t want to roast while I’m grilling, I find a Bluetooth thermometer is so useful! The Inkbird Smart Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer connects to your phone up to 150 feet away. It comes with a large LED screen, four probes, and a rechargeable battery.”– SARAH STONE (@Thedailygourmet) $50 at“I have read some really scary stories about using wire brushes to clean grill grates. This solid brass Grate Grill Scraper from The Sage Owl won’t leave any metal behind that someone could ingest. It has six grooves in varying sizes to clean almost any size or shape grill grate.”– BRENDA VENABLE (@Bibi) $19 at“I AM A BARBECUE-LOVER AND RECOMMEND THE OXO Good Grips Grilling Basting Pot and…

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mighty meaty

Meat and potatoes are a classic pairing. So it was only a matter of time before Frito-Lay, Pringles, Old Dutch, and other chip makers stepped outside the bag to create the meat-flavored potato chips now popping up in stores nationwide. Restaurant trends often influence grocery products, including those in the chip aisle, where smoked and grilled flavors have become popular. The meaty chip craze appears to have started in Canada and England, where flavors like roast beef and chicken began showing up in crisps. But now you can find many American favorites—such as burgers, wings, and steaks—inspiring new chip flavors, too. Most of the chips don’t actually have any meat or poultry products. But they do tap into smoky, salty, and savory flavors to approximate a meaty taste. Curiosity piqued? Take a look next…