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Allure July 2019

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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MICHELLE LEE Editor in Chief Creative Director NATHALIE KIRSHEH | Executive Beauty Director JENNY BAILLY | Director of Editorial Operations AMANDA MEIGHER | Digital Editorial Director KELLY BALES BEAUTY Deputy Beauty Director ELIZABETH SIEGEL Executive Beauty Editor JESSICA CHIA Senior Beauty Features Editor COTTON CODINHA Senior Writer BRENNAN KILBANE Assistant Editor KATHLEEN SUICO Editorial Assistant GABRIELA THORNE FASHION Fashion Director RAJNI JACQUES CREATIVE Visuals Director LINDA DENAHAN Art Director SARAH OLIN Digital Art Director AIMEE SY Junior Designer ALEXA DE PAULIS Deputy Visuals Editor KATHRYNE HALL Associate Visuals Editors JOELLE HYMAN, PAIGE VITI Senior Account and Bookings Director EDWARD KIM Entertainment Editor EUGENE SHEVERTALOV Casting Assistant KELSEY LAFFERTY PRODUCTION/COPY/RESEARCH Deputy Managing Editor NICOLE STUART Production Manager BRENT BURKET Copy Director CATHERINE GAMBRELL Copy Managers LESLIE LIPTON, DAWN REBECKY Research Director LORI SEGAL Research Managers AMBER ANGELLE, CRISTINA RIVERA Assistant Business Manager TAYLOR SHEA ALLURE.COM Digital Deputy Director SAM ESCOBAR Director of Content Development TRACEY ZANE Associate Digital Beauty Director SARAH KINONEN Digital Makeup…

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power chords

At one time not too long ago, the image of power was almost entirely masculine. The power suit mimicked the broad shoulders of a man. A lower voice was deemed more powerful (hello, Elizabeth Holmes). Even the long-standing language of power had been decidedly male: “be a man,” “grow a pair” (sorry, I will not accept that cojones are any stronger than ovaries). But this year, we’ve seen women claiming—and reclaiming—their power in lots of exciting ways, which is why we’re celebrating their voices in the feature “America the Beautiful,” on page 67. It’s a fitting tribute in this issue, which is dedicated to American beauty. Power is having the strength to persevere against the tide. It’s believing in yourself when others call for backup. It’s the power to sue for equal…

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clear winner

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to “Get the Look”—I’m your host, Brennan Kilbane. Our subject? Moschino’s The Price Is Right–themed fall 2019 runway show. The grand prize isn’t the dental-hygiene-inspired clutch you see here. It’s the clear-tipped fingernails dripping in a quarry’s worth of sapphire embellishments. All would-be players have to do is find clear press-on nails from a beauty-supply store. (Paint on your chosen design before you apply them so you don’t have to worry about making a mess on the skin around your nails.) It’s never been easier to win big.…

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finish line

MATTE: Olay Sunscreen + Makeup Primer SPF 35 This vitamin-rich serum (texture-smoothing B3, skin-softening E) mattifies skin and provides SPF 35 protection. DEMI-MATTE: Heir Atelier Face Primer Teeming with sodium hyaluronate and peptides, this lightweight, velvety primer makes skin feel and look smoother. Plus, dimethicone and polysilicone-11 ensure your foundation lasts (and lasts, and lasts). DEWY: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer This primer leaves a thin yet tacky layer for makeup to latch onto and makes skin look near-glassy. Extra cool: The water-and-aloe base replaces potentially pore-clogging silicones.…

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better together

For two years, we were inseparable. Maybelline New York’s ColorTattoo Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze and I, that is. The bitty pot, about the size of a half dollar, was filled with a tacky shadow the exact color of dry cocoa powder. It was the only cream shadow I’d ever found that could withstand my lids’ oiliness, so I used it as a base under the glittery shadows I loved—with nary a crease. It looked great on its own, too, lending my lids a subtle depth. Then the unthinkable happened: Maybelline discontinued the shade. Not long after that, I scraped the last smear out of the pot I’d used every day. I had worn it more consistently than deodorant—or a bra. I tried (unsuccessfully) to find substitutes and eventually…

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heat wave

When you think of summer fragrances, you might think of a wimpy floral that wears off in minutes. Or maybe citrus, citrus, and more citrus. That is, refreshingly, not the case this year. Perfumers are reimagining earthy, spicy notes like frankincense, tea leaves, and bark in perfumes that are delicate, but just a little dirty—a perfect balance between demure and sexy. “You put these types of notes on your skin, and they last a long time,” says perfumer Christine Nagel, who drew inspiration from a magnolia tree’s blooms and shallow, soil-covered roots for Hermès Un Jardin sur La Lagune. “I think the movement toward sustainable and organic ingredients is also shaping attitudes for perfumes that smell natural, honest, and authentic,” she says. You’ll find this raw quality permeating elegant florals…