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American Frontiersman

American Frontiersman


The quintessential frontiersmen were those imbued with the new “American Spirit” who pushed the envelope, and the frontier, from one ocean to the other as they brought to its finest form, what we call the art and science of frontiersmanship. This spirit is alive and well 200 years into our nation’s history as our master practitioners offer timely and timeless articles on wilderness, survival, the land and the techniques that have been honed through generations.

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traditionally modern

Pops took me on my first “you’re on your own, kid” whitetail hunt 40-some years ago. I can still hear the sound of frosty leaves under my Sorel boots as he quietly but swiftly guided me in the darkness into my stand position—a gigantic boulder nestled between blowdowns and scrub brush that overlooked a gully filled with mature oak trees on what our gun club members called “The German Property.” Right after settling onto my five-gallon pail seat, I checked my hand-me-down Woolrich hunting jacket pocket regularly to make sure my buck slayer was locked and loaded. No, my dad didn’t plop his 9-year-old son in the woods packing a large-frame revolver. You see, my “firearm” at the time was a 35. Nope, not a gun chambered in .35 Whelen. I’m referring…

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trekking devils garden

The relentless expansion from east to west presented early explorers and fur trappers with many challenges. Countless natural obstacles stood in the way of exploration and eventual settlement. For the mountain men during the era of the beaver trade, the search for fur-rich mountain streams was constant. The land had to be crossed and explored no matter how harsh the conditions. Furs were money, and success meant overcoming whatever stood in the way; these men had to find out what was over the next hill. With that thought in mind, my trekking partner, Nick Hanauska, and I set out for some exploring of our own. In full mountain-man garb and carrying equipment true to the period, we set out to explore Devils Garden. The only way to get a true feeling…

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longrifle artisans

FIFTY YEARS AGO, there were no decent longrifle kits to build and only a handful of people who made the iconic American muzzleloader from scratch to sell at primitive re-enactments and craft shows. Today, dozens of artist gunmakers exhibit their finest work at the annual Contemporary Longrifle Association show held in the posh elegance of the Grand Ball Room of the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Clearly, a lot has changed since the early 1960s. The House brothers and the Woodbury School associated with them have played a significant role in that. This article is too short to examine all the factors and people that contributed to the elevation of longrifle building from arts and crafts to fine art. I hope it will, however, provide a basic foundation for future study…

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top 10 outdoor skills

THE finest outdoor equipment in the world is of no value if you don’t know how to use it properly. Knowledge of key outdoor skills and when to pull them out of the bag trumps the best gear every time. Here are 10 indispensable skill sets for anyone wanting to be fully prepared for adventure in the great outdoors! Firecraft Firecraft is the art of starting, building and maintaining a fire. Knowledge of this skill could be as critical as getting warm after a winter soaking when miles from camp or as mundane as knowing how to bake biscuits in a reflector oven. Knowledge and use of fire and cutting tools are probably the two most critical skill sets in the true outdoorsman’s arsenal. After all, these two things are the reason…

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eight great skills books

★ Firecraft: The Book of Camp Lore and Woodcraft by Dan Beard Every skill you ever wanted to know about related to Woodcraft and traditional outdoor skills with a multitude of illustrations by the author. There is a ton of information here on fire making and maintenance. ★ First Aid: American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook This is an all-time classic. Be sure you get the latest edition for the most up-to-date information, and also be sure to take a course. ★ Maps and Compasses: Be Expert with Map and Compass by Bjorn Kjellstrom This is the manual for the baseplate compass! It’s a must for all outdoor libraries. ★ Weather: Finding your Way in the Outdoors by Robert L Mooers, Jr. This book provides great information about finding routes, weather lore and many other…

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mission possibles

The nomadic lifestyle of frontier Native Americans, Euro-explorers and, now, today's adventurers demands a practical way to carry everyday needs on your person. Thus was born the “possibles bag,” an over-the-shoulder leather bag to carry all sorts of things to make your day's activities possible. We know this was done early in North America because of a statement by Hidatsa tribal member Buffalo Bird Woman (b. North Dakota 1839-1932) in a 1917 book by Gilbert L. Wilson. “In olden times every warrior carried a bag of soft skin on his left side supported by a thong over his right shoulder; in this bag he kept needles, sinews, awl, soft-tanned skin for making patches for moccasins, gun caps and the like… In the bottom of this soft-skin bag the warrior commonly carried…sunflower seed…