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American Frontiersman

American Frontiersman Winter 2017

The quintessential frontiersmen were those imbued with the new “American Spirit” who pushed the envelope, and the frontier, from one ocean to the other as they brought to its finest form, what we call the art and science of frontiersmanship. This spirit is alive and well 200 years into our nation’s history as our master practitioners offer timely and timeless articles on wilderness, survival, the land and the techniques that have been honed through generations.

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it’s rondy time again!

Please let this be a hardy “hello and it’s great to see you” to all American Frontiersman fans! On behalf of the many contributors to AF magazine, I’d like to say a big ole “It’s great to be back in the saddle again!” It’s wonderful to be able to welcome subscribers and those of you who hunt us down on the newsstands to our trade blanket after a short publishing respite. We’ve been hard at work revamping some of our most popular titles. Check out a snapshot of what we publish for outdoor-, shooting- and selfreliance- minded folks by visiting athlonoutdoors.com. Much of our online content related to both AF and sister publications The New Pioneer and Survivor’s Edge can be found at realworldsurvivor.com. In our last issue, we featured an exclusive,…

7 Min.
hollywood’s mountain men

Mountain men and movies form irresistible entertainment blockbusters. Already larger than life—giants of adventure among our mightiest mountains, masters of survival with hostile Indians, grizzlies, fierce terrain and weather their constant adversaries—the mountain men on movie screens become icons of epic proportions. On the big screen, a bearded, weathered face is 5 yards wide and 20 high in front of a background of such visual immensity to stagger the senses. When the face speaks, the words transport us back to that time in the mid- 1800s when these men had to be mightier than the mountains and dangers they faced. Or perhaps the big screen is filled—from top to bottom, end to end—with horses galloping, their riders and packs falling, arrows whizzing through the air with their sudden dry whispers of…

12 Min.
life alaskan bush life

Living deep in the Alaskan interior is the dream of many people, and Mike and Fran Turner are shining examples of how to do it right. Mike had been successful at whatever he turned his hand to in the Lower 48. He had a wife and four sons. He had succeeded at the lumber business, had his own sawmill and pallet mill, and had also operated a profitable dairy farm. Still, the money meant nothing to him and the price of success was his wife leaving and being diagnosed with chronic asthma. Determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an Alaskan trapper before he died, Mike and his son, Nate, began the long drive to Alaska, where the wild presented a potential cure for his ailments. A New Life Mike bought an old…

7 Min.
handcrafted history

The Contemporary Longrifle Association (CLA) and its annual show, held every August in Lexington, Kentucky, are some of the best kept secrets in the modern historical firearms art community. Of 2,200 CLA members worldwide, some 350 set up their exhibit tables for the 1,000 visitors who attend. It is the place to be for anyone interested in the best modern artists specializing in early American weaponry, accoutrements, clothing and related material culture (including fine and folk art) from the mid-colonial period through the 1830s. The CLA’s mission is to preserve the knowledge and skills used by early American artisans, and this show is a vehicle for contemporary artists to show and sell their work. Make no mistake: This is not just another gun or primitives show. A great deal of the…

9 Min.
northwest trade gun

North Star West is a company based in Montana that sells high-quality, muzzle-loading, flintlock trade guns. For a long time now, I have wanted to buy one of the company’s canoe guns in kit form and put it together. It’s basically a “Northwest trade gun” with a shortened barrel and buttstock. So what exactly is a Northwest trade gun? It’s a smoothbore firearm designed primarily for Indian trade, originally produced in London, England, and stamped with London proof marks, though some Indian trade guns were also made in Birmingham, copying the London makers in design and quality. Northwest trade guns were utilitarian in design and available in a variety of barrel lengths, mainly in 24 gauge or .58 caliber, and they would fire birdshot or round ball ammo. These guns emerged…

5 Min.
possibles & bullet bags

Say your assignment is to pick up some groceries. Option one: Hop into your Ford Focus, toddle down the interstate, wait behind three red lights, grab the milk, pump a little gas and then finally get home to discover you got the wrong brand. Option two: Hotwire a Lamborghini, test its top speed, snatch up the milk, zip down the interstate, screech to a stop in front of your house and discover that you drove so fast you timetraveled to the future. Both options get the job done. However, for indefinable reasons, the second method just seems better. Sometimes efficiency is not the goal. People never seem to tire of the innate satisfaction intrinsic to classic blackpowder firearms. The flash of yellow, the billowing smoke and the smell of burnt powder…