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Anglers Journal celebrates the best writing, photography, illustration, design and sporting art on the topic of fishing. Come join some of the most prolific fishing editors and writers in the industry for the best angling experience on the water.

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a surf-smashed home with history

It’s nice to have a place to return to year after year, through thick and thin, from childhood and the teenage years to your single-minded, hard-fishing adult decades and into whatever lies beyond. For me, that place is a mussel bar in southern New England, a piece of a larger topography — a current-swept, surf-smashed mess of sand and glacial rubble that produces terrific, challenging fishing. I have explored the nooks and crannies of this terrain for 50 years, and I am still learning. Not only does the place remain special after hundreds of trips, but it is still a good location to tie into a large striper from late September through November. I fished it as a youngster, surfed it as a teen and got to know the bottom well, gliding…

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Writer and hard-core surf nut Dave Anderson has been contributing to fishing publications since the early 2000s. He is the editor of the online publication Surfcaster’s Journal and spends his nights fishing for striped bass. In “Fish Funnel,” Dave writes about the Cape Cod Canal, where anglers use trickedout bicycles to get in on the striper action. An education in English and film helped Austin Coit develop an appreciation for the art of storytelling. Between rigging ballyhoo and cutting squid on his stepdad’s charter boat, he picked up a camera. Two years ago he passed on a private boat job to pursue photography full time. Austin tells of a slightly awkward moment with a Bahamian guide for this issue’s “How I Got That Shot.” Retired Bourne, Massachusetts, police detective John Doble has…

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SUBSCRIBE TO ANGLERS JOURNAL Call (800) 877-5207 or visit anglersjournal.com. Subscriptions are $20 for one year (four issues: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Please send letters and comments to Anglers Journal, 10 Bokum Road, Essex, CT 06426, or email wsisson@aimmedia.com. PERFECTLY PERFECT A perfectly perfect magazine, I have to say. It truly harkens back to the great days of magazine publishing. Graydon Carter, Editor Vanity Fair CAN’T GET ENOUGH Dropping you a note to congratulate you on the Summer 2017 issue of Anglers Journal. As usual, the photography and fishing locations are fantastic. One just doesn’t get enough of fishing, so the magazines are worth reading again and again. Enjoyed the article “By Street Light.” The photo of the bridge brought back a memory of maybe 40 years ago. On that day, I introduced a little boy,…

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a good fish

Jerk that bitch, urges my guide, and I give my shuddering pole a jerk, hooking the throat of the first steelhead of my life. Reel ’em, he mutters and revs the motor. I horse my pole and reel and horse. The boat’s mascot whines, her claws clicking. Let it take some line. My father, uncle, and cousin are reeling. First fish! they shout, and I shout, What a fighter! A silver spine touches the air. There, he points, a hen. And guess what? She’s gonna join the club, somehow spotting in that glimpse the smooth place along her back where a fin had been snipped. He leans over the gunwale, dips a net, and scoops her into the boat. She is thick with a wide band of fiery scales, slapslapping…

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how i got that shot

When I first imagined this portrait concept, I was thinking of my buddy Shawn, a Florida guide who has a thick beard. But he went and shaved it, so that opportunity disappeared. Fast forward a few months, and I’m on a bonefishing trip at Deep Water Cay in the Bahamas. We caught two fish on a half-day trip, but I paid little attention to the fishing. I was thinking about whether I could talk noted Bahamian guide Mervin Thomas into posing for this portrait when we got back to the dock. I should note that Mervin is one of the most matter-of-fact persons I’ve met. He’s done it all, seen it all — and he has a semimanicured beard. After we hopped off the Hell’s Bay skiff and thanked him for putting us…

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made in mexico

You might consider landing a marlin to be nothing special, but I am English, and this sort of thing just doesn’t happen to an Englishman, let alone to one fishing from a kayak. There were two of us the day the whole thing began, both of us middle-aged gentlemen from a small town in the middle of nowhere. It was October in England, and it was raining, as is the norm in our part of the world. The conversation turned to fishing — kayak fishing, which is what we do. “I wonder if anyone from England has ever caught a marlin from a kayak,” Steve said. He knew fine well where his musing would lead, and so did I. About eight months later we boarded a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport and headed to…