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3 Min.
amid virus crisis, officials announce health care tech rules

With coronavirus topping Americans’ concerns, senior Trump administration officials tried to switch subjects by announcing final rules aimed at delivering on the unfulfilled promise of electronic health records. It did not go smoothly as reporters veered back to the global outbreak increasingly affecting U.S. communities. “The notion that we can’t do our day jobs and work on this very serious issue (coronavirus) is absurd,” said a frustrated Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar after one reporter noted that financial markets had opened sharply lower over fears of global economic damage from the outbreak. Azar recapped administration actions to try to contain the spread of the virus in the U.S., develop tests, treatments and vaccines, work with local officials in areas that are seeing outbreaks, and care for the sick. Announcement of the…

1 Min.
twitter in deal with silver lake, elliott; dorsey still ceo

Twitter says it’s reached an investment deal with Silver Lake and Elliott Management that will keep Jack Dorsey as the social media company’s CEO. Twitter Inc. said that Silver Lake will make a $1 billion investment in the company. That money, along with cash on hand, is expected to be put toward a $2 billion stock buyback. Elliott Management Corp., which owns about 4% of Twitter’s stock, will get one seat on Twitter’s board. Silver Lake will also get a board seat. Prior media reports had suggested Elliott was planning to nominate four people to Twitter’s board and oust Dorsey. But the new agreement makes it seem likely he will stay. Twitter has lagged behind businesses like Facebook and Google in terms of user growth and advertising revenue. CEO Jack Dorsey left the company…

1 Min.
vermont sues web-scraping facial recognition firm

The state of Vermont is suing a data broker that it says uses facial recognition technology to map the faces of Vermonters, including children, and then sells access to the data to private businesses, individuals and law enforcement. New York-based Clearview AI has drawn attention following investigative reports about its practice of harvesting billions of photos from social media and other services to identify people. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other companies in February demanded that Clearview stop harvesting their users’ images. Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan filed a lawsuit against Clearview, alleging that the company violated Vermont’s Consumer Protection Act and new data broker law. “I am disturbed by this practice, particularly the practice of collecting and selling children’s facial recognition data,” Donovan said in a written statement. “This practice is unscrupulous, unethical,…

4 Min.
edited biden video portends social media challenges in 2020

As former Vice President Joe Biden’s drive for the White House gains momentum, the 77-year-old’s political opponents on both the right and left have launched an internet campaign suggesting he’s not mentally or physically equipped to serve — sometimes using altered content and other disinformation to make their case. The effort prompted Twitter to mark a video of Biden shared by President Donald Trump as “manipulated media” — but only after it had been viewed millions of times. Facebook added warning labels to the video and reduced its distribution on its platform after news organizations fact checked the video on its site. The Associated Press works with Facebook as a third-party fact checker. The episode highlights the challenges social media companies face in containing the rapid spread of misleading information and raises…

1 Min.
california ag drops challenge to t-mobile-sprint merger

California’s attorney general said that the state will not appeal a judge’s decision approving T-Mobile’s $26.5 billion purchase of Sprint. Attorney General Xavier Becerra and New York Attorney General Letitia James led a coalition of 14 state attorneys general who sued to stop the deal. They had argued that eliminating a major wireless company would harm consumers by reducing competition and adding billions of dollars in costs through higher phone bills. The companies said the deal would benefit consumers by helping the companies build a better next-generation, 5G wireless network than each could do alone. A federal judge in New York sided with the companies in February. New York decided not to appeal a few days later. Becerra hold a press conference Wednesday to announce a settlement with the companies. The merger has been…

8 Min.
next gen: new wave of macs on the way

Though Apple has been pivoting towards its consumer market in recent years with upgrades to iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches, the company hasn’t forgotten about its ever-lucrative macOS user base and looks set to overhaul its entire desktop portfolio in the months ahead. CHALLENGING TIMES Over the past several years, Apple has pooled its efforts towards improving its iPad and iPhone sales, and though million-dollar marketing campaigns and new product launches have helped the company hold onto its position as one of the most dominant players in the technology market, it’s no secret that smartphone sales are declining around the world, as consumers hold onto their older devices for longer to save money, and as innovation in the industry slows, making the once-annual upgrade cycle less attractive than it once was. And…