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2 Min.
more wipes, no jeans: amazon limits shipments to warehouses

To make room for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other items in high demand during the global viral pandemic, Amazon said it is limiting what brands and independent sellers can send to its warehouses for the next three weeks. Among the products that can be shipped to Amazon include canned beans, diapers, dog food, disinfecting wipes, medical supplies and various household goods. Items like jeans, phone cases and other non-essentials will not be allowed. “It’s pretty disruptive,” says Greg Mercer, the CEO of Jungle Scout, a software platform for Amazon sellers that predicts sales data. Merchants send their products to Amazon to store in their warehouses until a shopper buys it. Amazon then packs up the products and ships it to the customer. Third-party sellers who sell most of their goods on Amazon.com could…

9 Min.
govts pledge aid as global commerce seizes in face of virus

Governments and central banks are scrambling to find ways to keep businesses from going bankrupt as the virus outbreak grinds the world economy to a halt. A day after Wall Street endured its worst daily drop since the crash of 1987, European markets wavered, while U.S. stocks recovered about half of their losses. There is tremendous volatility, with the extent of economic damage from the pandemic still anyone’s guess. Factories are closed, retail stores are closed, travel has ground almost to a halt and billions of people are sheltering at home, going outside only to find essential supplies. Here is a look at how the outbreak is reshaping the global economy and how individuals, businesses and governments are responding. GOVERNMENT & CENTRAL BANKS Where to begin is an enormously complex question. Big industry and…

6 Min.
a cruel paradox: beating virus means causing us recession

The coronavirus is dealing a death blow to the longest U.S. economic expansion on record, triggering layoffs and putting intense strain on the nation’s financial system. In a cruel paradox, the very steps that are needed to contain the outbreak — quarantines, travel restrictions and business closures — are bringing everyday business to a halt and shoving the U.S. economy into recession for the first time since 2009. “The more rapidly you want to contain the virus, then the more severe the lockdown has to be and the more severe the disruption to economic activity is,” said Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics. “The hope is, the more severe the lockdown, the sharper the rebound will be.’’ The “Lockdown Paradox,” he calls it. Much will depend on how swiftly and aggressively…

7 Min.
remote working virus encourages businesses to think differently

With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak forcing governments to close schools, sporting events, communal spaces and more, businesses are taking the situation into their own hands, encouraging their staff to work from home. With the virus continuing on its path of destruction and no clear end in sight, the pandemic could change the way we work forever. BIG COMPANIES CHANGING POLICIES We’re living in truly unprecedented times. Not only has the World Health Organization called COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, but stock markets are hemorrhaging billions, countries are closing their borders, and businesses are beginning to feel the pitch. With a vaccine at least six months away and governments imposing new social distancing measures, we knew it wouldn’t take long for businesses to introduce their own coronavirus policies to protect their staff, customers, and…

3 Min.
u.s. internet well-equipped to handle work from home surge

The U.S. internet won’t get overloaded by spikes in traffic from the millions of Americans now working from home to discourage the spread of the new coronavirus, experts say. But connections could stumble for many if too many family members try to videoconference at the same time. Some may have to settle for audio, which is much less demanding of bandwidth. Separately, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia applauded announcements by several major U.S. internet providers for taking temporary measures — including the suspension of data caps, free public Wi-Fi and free broadband for households with children who lack it — designed to better accommodate remote access for students, workers and public health officials. He and 17 other colleagues, Democrats and independents, had called for such measures in a letter to CEOs of AT&T,…

3 Min.
apple unveils new ipad pro with trackpad support

APPLE TAKES THE iPAD PRO TO THE NEXT LEVEL Apple is taking the iPad Pro to the next level with the launch of an all-new device, featuring an innovative new A12Z Bionic chip that will make the iPad more powerful and faster than most Windows PC laptops. Featuring an Ultra-Wide camera, studio-quality microphones, a stunning dual-camera setup and a new LiDAR Scanner that offers cutting-edge depth-sensing for augmented reality, Apple has put the Pro back into the iPad. Apple will also launch iPadOS 13.4 in the coming days, bringing trackpad support to the iPad for the first time with an all-new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, offering a desktop-like experience on a stunning touchscreen device. However, Apple hasn’t copy and pasted code from macOS – it has developed an all-new experience with a pointer…