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2 Min.
hotels, airbnb beef up cleaning standards to calm travelers

Hotels and home-sharing companies are beefing up their cleaning efforts in order to soothe jittery travelers. Hilton said it’s teaming up with RB — which makes Lysol and Dettol disinfectants — and the Mayo Clinic to develop new cleaning procedures that will be in place by June. The news follows Marriott’s announcement last week that it’s creating a cleanliness council to develop new standards. Marriott’s council includes infectious disease specialists and an expert from EcoLab, which makes commercial cleaning products. Airbnb also said that it’s developing cleaning protocols for its hosts with guidance from former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and EcoLab. Airbnb said starting in May, guests will be able to see if a host commits to Airbnb’s new cleaning protocol, which includes requirements for cleaners to wear masks and…

4 Min.
microsoft’s technology chief pivots to pandemic response

Microsoft’s chief technology officer, Kevin Scott, oversees thousands of engineers and scientists working in artificial intelligence, computer science and other research. But right now he’s laser-focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest projects include setting up a chatbot for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and repurposing Microsoft’s supercomputers to help in drug discovery. He’s also out with a new book. “Reprogramming the American Dream” connects Scott’s rural upbringing in Gladys, Virginia, to his optimistic view that AI could help bridge the digital and economic divide. Scott spoke with The Associated Press about the pandemic’s effects on his day-to-day responsibilities. The interview has been edited for clarity and length. Q: Fewer than 20% of Americans live in rural areas but you, and Microsoft generally, have put a big emphasis on tech solutions for…

4 Min.
digital-ad downturn may complicate life for google, facebook

Demand for digital advertising is shriveling after a decade of explosive growth amid the pandemic-fueled downturn. That could complicate things for Google and Facebook, who for the first time may have to contend with revenues that are actually shrinking. With consumers mostly at home and unemployment soaring, advertisers are slashing promotional spending — in some cases, all the way to zero. For Google and Facebook, who together account for 70% of the U.S. market for digital ads, that so far has translated into tighter restraints on spending without the layoffs, pay cuts and furloughs that publishers and other industries have already imposed. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already told employees the company will curtail its hiring for the rest of the year and is considering deep cuts in its own marketing budget…

5 Min.
how some companies survive, even thrive, in viral crisis

When the coronavirus struck the United States hard last month, 22-year-old entrepreneur David Zamarin knew his company needed a Plan B — fast. As the economy essentially shut down, demand for his stain-resistant coatings was sure to drop. So Zamarin decided to retool his company, DetraPel, in Framingham, Massachusetts, to start making disinfectants to help fight the virus’s spread. Within weeks, “we completely changed our whole system.” Sales of the DetraPel ecoCleaner & Disinfectant have been strong, he said, and Zamarin expects to produce the cleaner even after the health crisis has passed. “I don’t want this to be a one-time thing,” he said. “I don’t want to capitalize on this to make short-term money.’’ The COVID-19 pandemic has been an epic catastrophe for American business. Economic life is all but frozen. Stores are…

8 Min.
track & trace: apple & google fight covid-19 together

It was a partnership that nobody saw coming, for a virus none of us expected. As Apple and Google’s historic collaboration sees them develop contact tracing tech to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, many are asking how it will work, and how our privacy will be respected. BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTIONS In these times of global emergency, nothing is shocking. Not even a joint project between tech giants Apple and Google, who announced in April their plans for a Bluetooth-based universal contact-tracing app that will work across both iOS and Android operating systems . In a press release, the two companies confirmed their intentions to launch the new application programming interface in May. But rather than rolling out a global health tracing system, the firms revealed that health organizations around the world would…

5 Min.
answers to questions about new coronavirus antibody studies

Studies have begun to emerge that try to determine how many Americans have been infected by the new coronavirus. But are they accurate? The results depend on where and how the research is done, and it can be difficult to draw firm conclusions from the early findings, experts said. For instance, a study in New York state, one of the nation’s most infected, estimated that the true number of infections is about 10 times the official count. In Santa Clara County, California, which includes San Jose, research indicated infections were at least 50 times greater. And in Los Angeles County, scientists put the true number of infections at around 40 times the actual case count. Until recently, researchers had to rely on statistical models, some of which estimated that for every confirmed coronavirus…