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5 Min.
virus pandemic reshaping air travel as carriers struggle

In a bid to survive, airlines are desperately trying to convince a wary public that measures like mandatory face masks and hospital-grade air filters make sitting in a plane safer than many other indoor settings during the coronavirus pandemic. It isn’t working. Surveys indicate that instead of growing comfortable with air travel, more people are becoming skeptical about it. In the United States, airline bookings have stalled in the past month after slowly rising — a reaction to a new surge of reported virus infections. Globally, air travel is down more than 85% from a year ago, according to industry figures. The implications for the airline industry are grave. Several leading carriers already have filed for bankruptcy protection, and if the hoped-for recovery is delayed much longer, the list will grow. The four largest U.S.…

1 Min.
apple is 1st us company to be valued at $2 trillion

Apple is the first U.S. company to boast a market value of $2 trillion, just two years after it became the first to reach $1 trillion. Apple shares have gained nearly 60% this year as the company overcame the shutdown of factories in China that produce the iPhone and the closure of its retail sales amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s hugely loyal customer base trusts its products so much that they continued to buy iPhones and other devices online while stuck at home. Apple recently reported blowout earnings for the April-June quarter, An upcoming four-for-one stock split that will make Apple’s shares more affordable to more investors also sparked a rally after it was announced three weeks ago. Apple has been at the vanguard of a group of Big Tech companies that are…

1 Min.
judge oks $60m settlement over tesla buyout of solarcity

A Delaware judge has approved a $60 million settlement in a shareholder lawsuit challenging electric car maker Tesla Inc.’s $2 billion acquisition of solar-panel installer SolarCity in 2016. The judge approved the settlement in a brief telephone hearing this week. He also approved $16.8 million in legal fees and expenses requested by the plaintiffs’ attorneys. That amounts to roughly 28% of the “derivative settlement,” which was made on behalf of the company and will be funded by insurers. The settlement resolves claims against directors who were on Tesla’s board in 2016 but does not include CEO and co-founder Elon Musk. A trial with Musk as the lone defendant is set for March 2021, having been postponed from this March because of the coronavirus outbreak. The lawsuit alleges that Tesla directors breached their fiduciary…

2 Min.
high-altitude airships company picks new mexico for base

A technology company aiming to send up high-altitude airships to monitor crops and bring broadband has chosen New Mexico for its U.S. production center, state Economic Development Secretary Alicia J. Keyes announced this week. The Switzerland-based Sceye picked the state as its U.S. base for stratospheric flights for earth observation and communication after spending more than $50 million in developing the stratospheric airship and building infrastructure, state officials said. Officials said the company founded by global humanitarian Mikkel Vestergaard will locate its manufacturing operation in the state and will create 140 high-paying manufacturing and engineering jobs. The move comes as Sceye works to develop a fleet of airships that could be parked for long periods of time about 65,000 feet (19,812 meters) in the air. Once in the sky, the blimp-like airships would…

9 Min.
the app store: foundations of quality and privacy

After months of tensions between Fortnite maker Epic and Apple, the Cupertino company ultimately dealt its killer blow: removing the billion-dollar game from the App Store, with Google following suit hours later. In one of the most high-profile cases in the history of the App Store, we consider what the future holds for developers who can’t play by the rules. GAME OVER, FORTNITE Though certainly not the first application to fall foul of Apple’s strict developer guidelines, the developer of Fortnite made it clear: it was tired of paying Apple 30% of its revenue. In early August, developer Epic Games introduced a new direct payment option inside of its iOS and Android apps, so gamers could purchase V-Bucks away from the App Store and Play Store. This, of course, is against Apple…

4 Min.
teens struggle to balance school, family, work amid covid-19

With her baby brother in her arms, Kara Apuzzo tried to follow along in an online class as he squirmed or slept. Other times, the 18-year-old rushed to get ready for work at a front-line job at Target as her virtual high school lessons were still wrapping up. Last school year was further complicated by computer issues that kept her from logging in and online tools that bedeviled even her teachers. Before the coronavirus pandemic, Apuzzo, who lives in New Haven, Connecticut, knew she wanted to go to college right after high school. Now, she’s not so sure. “Right now, I don’t know where I want to go with my life,” she said. “I feel so behind when it comes to what do college kids actually do. ... It’s scary, it’s so…