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Atomic Ranch Spring 2018

Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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mad for mod

The first time I visited the modernism paradise that is Palm Springs, I felt like I’d stepped back in time. Everywhere I looked there was something to be enchanted by—be it the then-standing “Forever Marilyn” Monroe statue, the shops filled with vintage wares or the retro rooflines. My love affair with this California desert town has only grown over the years. The feeling seeps in just a little bit deeper with every opportunity to learn about its vibrant history, step into incredible houses and meet passionate homeowners. I’m not the only one who feels this way about Palm Springs. People from across the country and around the world flock to the desert to get a peek at this design oasis. Luckily for you, the spring issue of Atomic Ranch is your…

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keep tabs on us

Inside Scoop! Top 10 Bedrooms We’re rounding up our favorite mid mod bedrooms! These walnut walls and inspiring color palettes will have you looking to do a little spring refresh. AR Live! Brand Leader / Editor Sarah Jane Stone is heading to Modernism Week, where she’ll be partnering with experts from across the country for three unique seminars on finding, renovating and designing your MCM home. Retro Raodtrip Are you looking for a mid mod destination? Guest writer Ken MacIntyre of Mod Traveler has a slew of great finds, meaning all you have to do is book a ticket and pack your bags. Desert Hideaway A guest house becomes a Midcentury Modern getaway—complete with a private patio and outdoor shower. The PS Take on Mod It uses a little more color, throws in a few touches of glam and isn’t…

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color is key

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simple and stylish shelving

1. Elias bookshelf, $1,295.Visit roveconcepts.com. 2. Bond shelving unit - desk, $1,425.Visit lonewa.com. 3. Kipp Stewart & Stewart MacDougall “Declaration” bookcase, $2,895.Visit danishmodernla.com. 4. Narrow rosewood sliding glass door bookcase, $1,250.Visit midcenturymobler.com. 5. Borge Mogensen ‘Oresund’ teak and glass cabinet, $1,368. Visit chairish.com. 6. Desi bookcase, $929. Visit joybird.com. 7. Metro 4 shelf bookcase, $1,229. Visit yliving.com. 8. PAL33FILL 33" wide pole mounted shelving with file drawer, $850. Visit modernshelving.com.…

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accidental archivist

NEARLY EVERY DAY, WE READ ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF ANOTHER MODERNIST HOUSE IN AMERICA. We moan for a few days then move on. The grief is brief—unless it is a house in your hometown, perhaps one your family formerly owned, or one you played in as a child or one you drove by and admired for decades. Perhaps you have searched for a list of them online. It’s likely that you didn’t find much, as most modernist houses by local and largely unsung architects don’t get much attention. Some, the most famous, get press when they’re demolished. As for the rest, without knowing where they are, how can anyone try to save the good ones? I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, a state capitol that, in 1961, had about 94,000…

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eichler artistry

LOOKING TO DO A CAREFUL RENOVATION ON THEIR 1962 JOSEPH EICHLERBUILT HOME in San Rafael, California, homeowners Joe West, a mechanical engineer, and Mark Kemler, a lawyer, turned to Karen Nepacena of Destination Eichler. Previous renovations traded the kitchen’s original details for a traditional-style design, something Joe and Mark were ready to replace in favor of a more period-appropriate aesthetic. They also wanted a modern, multi-functional space with a good flow that would blend seamlessly with the home’s midcentury roots. “The homeowners wanted to approach their renovation in a thoughtful way, keeping in the spirit of their Eichler-built home, but to provide increased functionality and use of the existing space,” says Karen. “Since I specialize in working on Midcentury Modern and Eichler homes, we were a great fit for one another.” REINSTATING ORIGINAL What…