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Atomic Ranch Fall 2018

Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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tile with style

HAVE YOU EVER WALKED INTO A KITCHEN AND IMAGINED YOURSELF WHIPPING UP FAMILY-FAVORITES, hosting festive events or casually enjoying everyday life—all with a perfectly tiled backdrop? What about a bath that had you imagining spa-like weekends and an idyllic morning routine? That is just what we’ve strived to create in Atomic Ranch’s Kitchen & Bath issue. For fans of Midcentury Modern design, these spaces have a lot to live up to in the style category. The bright hues of boomerang-patterned Formica counters, metal cabinets, sleek handles, pastel appliances and of course—the pink bathroom. These rooms were far from bland, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. These spaces are more than pretty, they have to be workhorses. So, what is a modernist to do when the charm of original detail is…

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keep tabs on us

Inside Scoop! Retro Road Trip Where will Ken MacIntyre take us next? Join us as we tour Midcentury Modern landmarks and hotspots. Must-Have Mod Collectables See what tops our list of the retro treasures we simply have to have. Flea Market Survival Guide Tips and tricks for scouting out the best vintage finds at the best prices. Blenko 101 It ’s as popular as midcentury treasures come, but do you know the history—or how to spot the real thing? Cool Stuff…

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midcentury flare

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sleek design

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confessions of a former packrat

WE ARE A NATION OF PACKRATS. We have so much stuff that the self-storage industry just laughs at us—all the way to the bank. One in 11 Americans pays an average of about $90 per month, often for years, to store things they will likely never ever use again. Some storage spaces are even air-conditioned and heated, raising the cost. One out of 11 of our nation, or 9.4 percent of American households, created this $38 billion dollar industry. That is three times the volume of the entire Hollywood box office gross for a year. According to an article on the subject by Patrick Sisson for CURBED, “the volume of self-storage units in the country could fill the Hoover Dam with old clothing, skis, and keepsakes more than 26 times.” There is…

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true blue

A CONDOMINIUM MAY NOT BE THE FIRST PLACE YOU WOULD EXPECT TO FIND a stylish and functional Midcentury Modern kitchen—and when Brad Erwin moved into Phoenix, Arizona’s Roman Roads condo complex in 2015, he knew he had some work to do. His townhome, built in 1964, needed renovating to return it to its former midcentury splendor. Refreshing the first floor was at the top of his list, which included his now-stunning kitchen. MAKING SPACE “Essentially, the entire kitchen, along with almost all of the remainder of the first floor, was demolished down to the studs as part of the renovation,” Brad shares. “Overall, the space was quite cramped and fairly dark. You couldn’t even open the refrigerator doors all the way without hitting the countertop or walls.” The problematic layout was addressed by…