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Atomic Ranch Spring 2016

Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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a new movement in midcentury modern

Do you remember piling onto your parent's low-slung sofa with the tapered legs as a child to watch television? Or seeing one of those stately Eames lounge chairs with a matching ottoman for the first time? These nostalgic pieces defined a bygone era during the post-war 1950s and '60s, when Jerry Lee Lewis was on the radio, architectural lines from masters like Frank Lloyd Wright were perfectly minimal, and the times were in a word: happy. PAST PERFECT Whether you experienced this moment in American history firsthand or relived it through your favorite movie or TV drama, culturally our emotional pull to a time more than half a century ago is stronger than ever before. Today, we're gravitating toward the sleek curves of Paul Jensen-inspired Soto chairs, the modular innovation of tufted…

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welcome home

On behalf of the entire team here at Engaged Media, I would like to extend a cheerful “hello” to our readers both old and new! As the new team behind Atomic Ranch, we are excited to continue the magazine’s longstanding tradition of high-quality, inspirational content on our favorite topic—midcentury homes. I too have been a longtime reader of Atomic Ranch and am excited to step into the role of editor. As the new editor I look forward to honoring this magazine’s well-loved history while bringing readers more—more homes, more history and more information. So far we have introduced digital releases and redesigned www.atomic-ranch.comatomic-ranch.com to bring you more of the beautiful and informational stories that you love (as well as throwbacks to stories from early issues) on a weekly basis. Care for…

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modern wisdom

WHEN MY HUSBAND GAYLORD AND I first came to see our now home, the then-owners had put a chain lock across the door, apparently unaware of our showing appointment. Our realtor made no attempt to show us the house again and we ended up putting an offer on a short sale 1930s home. During the five months we waited to hear if our offer was accepted I discovered Atomic Ranch and after re-reading every article and ordering all the back issues, I decided to pull our offer in hopes of finding a midcentury home. My mind went back to the split-level house—and this time we were able to see the inside. Although it needed a lot of restoration and remodeling, we were able to see what it could be and…

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retro revival

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home page

While I come to terms with the fact that I do indeed have the privilege of working on the same Atomic Ranch I used to pick up at Barnes & Noble, I can’t help but find myself scrolling through the archives time and time again. All of the good stuff that’s come to light over the past decade of AR makes me even more excited for the future. With that said, here are a couple of my favorite Jim Brown shoots from long-ago issues: Issue #1 – “Orange Juice” Orange County was the first part of California I got to know when I moved eight years ago, and I sometimes find my Los Angelino self pining for Newport Beach or the big open freeways near Disneyland. This classic Eichler from the inaugural…

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preservation & personality

“You can have a modern home that is curated yet practical and comfortable for everyone.” WHILE HELPING A FRIEND LOOK ONLINE FOR REAL ESTATE, George Marrone and Michael Nocera stumbled upon a listing for an artist-built 1959 house set on just over an acre of land with lush gardens and a creek. In a neighborhood filled with colonials, capes and Tudors, the Midcentury Modern home stood out, embodying artist-built architecture and captivating the couple. Seeing beyond its shag carpets and heavy window coverings to the beautiful bones underneath, George and Michael had found a well-preserved home where they could infuse their style with iconic midcentury elements. For George, the home told a story he’d loved since childhood: “As a kid growing up in the ’70s, I really loved the Brady Bunch house,”…