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Atomic Ranch Summer 2016

Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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neighborhood revivals

IF MIDCENTURY HOMES didn’t come with excessive amounts of charm, we wouldn’t be so enamored by their attention to detail and so in love with restoring and renovating these icons of design. From Hugh Kaptur’s one-of-a-kind creations to the unmistakable Eichler look, modernist style has a rich history of deeply considered designs paired with artistic passion. Now, as the years have worn wood paneling and additions have muddled original floor plans, it’s time for neighborhood revivals, where homeowners revamp, restore and reinvent to showcase the beauty of midcentury architecture. With Atomic Ranch’s first-ever special issue, The Renovation Guide, we take an up-close look at homes that span the spectrum of restoration and renovation. From original wood paneling (page 110) and preserved floor plans (page 28) to bold angles (page 54) and…

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shop smart

MODERN STAPLES 1. A midcentury home just isn’t complete without an eye-catching and glistening sputnik light. Zanadoo chandelier by Arteriors, small in polished nickel, $2,160. (877) 445-4486 or lumens.com. 2. Ceiling fans offer undeniable functionality but are hardly known for being stylish—until this atomic beauty, that is. Butterfly ceiling fan by Monte Carlo Fan Company in matte black, $548. (866) 545-0121 or ylighting.com. 3. Inspired by the aerodynamic lines of the atomic age, this faucet brings mid-century style and modern functionality. Brizo Sotria double-lever handle widespread lavatory faucet in polished chrome, $403.38. (877) 345-2749 or brizo.com. 4. These bronze beauties will have you hunting for more places to add sconces. Retro style 200 series wall-mounted down light, contact to order. (305) 687-9031 or remcraft.com. 5. Greet guests with a doorbell that “sets the tone” for…

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1-2-3, repaired

“You can save upwards of 50 percent on your material costs by being organized.”—According to the brothers, you can stretch your budget by shopping weekly sales, mixing high and low priced fixtures and comparison shopping. YOU’VE FOUND YOUR DREAM Midcentury Modern home—the only problem is that not everything is quite up to par. It’s time to call in the experts. In the book Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House, TV personalities and home gurus Jonathan and Drew Scott walk you through how to find a property that suits your needs, and then, how to update it into a modern masterpiece. Here we’ll delve into five of the most common fixes, and what different factors you should consider when estimating the total time and cost for the…

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expert insight

HOW DO YOU UPDATE your mid-century home to meet your family’s needs, yet still preserve the structure’s classic aesthetics? When Cavin Costello and his wife Claire bought a foreclosed midcentury home in Phoenix, Arizona, they were hooked on remodeling. Their architecture company, The Ranch Mine, specializes in midcentury remodels—and they’ve seen it all. Here are their answers to some of the questions you’re asking about your remodel. How do I preserve the mid-century look of my home? Exterior aesthetics are essential when it comes to a midcentury feel. “We find the look attractive,” Cavin says, “but it also adds to the overall community.” For a city such as Phoenix, with several midcentury neighborhoods, the goal is to preserve the look and feel of the community. “We want these houses to have the…

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welcome home

Add texture with a natural fiber mat and wooden path!Mailboxes and planters are ideal spots for color and style to take center stage.…

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costly kitchen

Ask about disposal costs! Renting a larger dumpster is a good alternative to paying removal fees to contracted installers.Did you know? Many contractors won’t include items like cabinetry, tile and appliances in their bid. Why? They aren’t supplying design services and product prices can vary widely. Look over your bid carefully and research your desired products to create an accurate budget. Down to Basics BEFORE YOU START PINCHING PENNIES, KNOW WHAT THE AVERAGE KITCHEN REMODEL COSTS. Low cost ............... $5,000 High end ............... $50,000 Average cost ........ $25,000 Average range ..... $11,000 to $30,000 Price Tags INCLUDING MATERIALS AND LABOR, GET AN IDEA OF HOW MUCH THESE COMMON KITCHEN PROJECTS CAN COST (WITH VARIATION BY LOCATION). Moving a gas line ....................... $400 to $700 Removing tile flooring ............... $300 to $700 Painting ....................................... $400 to $800 Scraping popcorn ceiling ........... $150 to…